Saturday, January 17, 2009


So my roommate said to me one day, I would like to cut your hair. give it layers and such.
so... I let her!

Once I saw this, before I saw the haircut I was kind of freaking out... for some reason I really liked having my hair one length straight across, no layers... but I trust my roommate, so I looked into the mirror with faith and excitement...

This is what I saw!
(Well, the next day, after I curled it... but you get the idea!)
The results are in! The hard drive will now and forever more be referred to as Edward. As for my iPod... I have given up looking for a name for him. He will be nameless... I just can't seem to find anything fitting. Maybe just something lame like DJ iPod. Okay, scratch that last sentence, my iPod is DJiPOD! yay! okay, well, thanks for participating!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

So I had an odd habit-- I name my electronics after men.

Not Men that I know, but more like names I like!
So... here's the run down.

This is my computer Henry. He is an IBM ThinkPad T43. I've had him for two years! He has never let me down...sometimes he is slower than others and has bad communication with the internet, but he is always there for me, and I know how to work with him.

Ahh, Dylan. You've seen him before, I got him in February I think... so around ten months. He is a gem, very quick, very sleek, so smart! Such new technology...

Landon is a gift from my parents, at the end of April, beginning of May. He is always at hand, always connects me to whatever I need, and is just as cute as a button, and almost the same size!

Meet my iPod. I have had him for two years... but haven't been able to name him. Any suggestions?

And finally, my external hard drive! My dad gave him to me today, and he is such a big guy! 250 GB! But sleek and slender, almost like a flask actually... and I have not yet come up with a name for him... *sigh* haha
My New Years Kiss
I got to kiss the cutest boy at the party last night!! I'd been waiting all year for a kiss... His breath smelled of Oatmeal though... oh well, I am not judging!