Saturday, March 28, 2009

I graduate in under two weeks. By this time in two weeks I will still be on a plane to Russia.


Anywho, my mom has supported me through all of my schooling, and especially college. She has also been very generous to get me a graduation present, as well as a going to Russia present, Easter present, and I am certain it also counts for my birthday present.

Meet Nicholas...

Nicholas, (well I haven't decided if thats his name... my first thought was an attractive literary man... and I thought of Nicholas Sparks. Anyone willing to deny that? That's what I thought.) Anyway, Nicholas is amazing. He is an electronic book called the Kindle 2! I can download books onto it, their cheaper and conserve space, and its connected to the internet, it has electronic ink technology so it shouldn't hurt my eyes like reading on the computer can. It can read to me... its awesome!
My only complaints thus far, after playing with it for half an hour, is that its weird to type on... but I am sure I'll get use to it. I wish it were a touch screen... but my biggest problem is that it's too easy to accidentally buy a book! But, they put the money back on your card when you say nope, It was an accident. so, cool! I am off now to buy more books and read!!!

Please leave a suggestion of books for me to look into! So far I got Pride and Prejudice, which I have never read nor watched... for FREE! woo!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I recently downloaded Picasa, a photo editing thing by google, and I have been loving it!
I editing a ton of my dance pictures from Extravadance last week... and this week I got really bored, and lonely and sad to be honest... so I said, time to go for a drive. And I had watched YES MAN for the third time the night before, and thought, instead of running and taking photos, I will drive and take pictures! So I headed out of town, to the countryside. It was very pleasant, and I took a ton of pictures. It was so relaxing! So, then I came home and edited all of the pictures adding soft glow, or focal black and white, and things like that... so, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some of the things I want...

I've been thinking lately about how I can throw a humorous twist of my failed dating attempts, and also about what I have learned from those "relationships." (fail-ationships? haha...)

Anywho, someone very wise and kind sent me a small checklist sort of advice for dating, and I really appreciated it and decided I ought to sit down and write out somethings I honestly do want in a husband, and things that are not acceptable.

So far I only have a few things, but here goes...

I really do want a man who can lead me on the dance floor. This does not mean he has to have been dancing ballroom for ten years like I have, but that he gives an honest effort and that I do not have to teach him how to lead me. (I will write a story soon about what brought this about...) Also, I want a man who will dance with me in the kitchen, in the middle of cooking dinner. which brings me to another point...

I would love for a man who enjoys cooking. He doesn't have to do all of it! I want to cook as well! But for us to work side by side, with music playing softly in the back ground (also, he needs to enjoy music. I LOVE music, I love to find music to express feelings through words that I can not find to express. I live for music, maybe its the dancer in me, but really I think it is the hopeless romantic, and slightly socially awkward person in me that needs music to express what I am feeling. So, he needs to like music, and maybe not be as in love with my music as I am, but be able to tolerate...nah, enjoy it with me.)

So, he needs to enjoy cooking with me, but that also melts into another thing, that he isn't too picky with his food preferences, and is willing to try new foods and be adventurous that way. I mean if he is allergic to food... I can't really change that... but I might prefer someone who has no allergies to foods so that we can explore and try new things all the time without worry.

Lastly, for today at least, I would like a man who will zip up the back of my dress for me, and (who can teach me so I can) tie his tie for him...

sidenote--I have had this ...quality? for quite some time... he needs to have hands bigger than mine.