Saturday, March 14, 2009

I recently downloaded Picasa, a photo editing thing by google, and I have been loving it!
I editing a ton of my dance pictures from Extravadance last week... and this week I got really bored, and lonely and sad to be honest... so I said, time to go for a drive. And I had watched YES MAN for the third time the night before, and thought, instead of running and taking photos, I will drive and take pictures! So I headed out of town, to the countryside. It was very pleasant, and I took a ton of pictures. It was so relaxing! So, then I came home and edited all of the pictures adding soft glow, or focal black and white, and things like that... so, enjoy!


Ellen Davenport said...

Wow, Jenni! Seriously, you can do a lot with Picasa. It is a great program, I use it all the time. Wonderful shots. My favorite is the one with bright sun with the black and white. Makes me miss the Rexburg Bench up there.

Your car is operational again, I thought you were boycotting it? Gave in eh?

JR and Sara said...

Those are some excellent pics jenni. Your a great photographer. I love your new blog setup!