Sunday, May 31, 2009

The girl leaned towards him and whispered, I have a secret. I kinda like you.

He replied, I like you too, but don't tell!

They hug and kiss goodnight, again.

Her arms around his neck, his hands on her waist she says, jokingly, No you hang up! And together they say in a girlie voice, no YOU hang up! They laugh because that wasn't planned and it tickled each of them! Then they hold each other tighter.

He kisses her and walks away.

She turns, grabs the door knob and enters the house, she turns to shut the door when she hears him running back to the doorstep and he grabs her and embraces her again! She exclaims, Gee I like you!! And in her head she is thinking about how many times she wished that same thing would happen and never did, not until him. Finally, another kiss and he walks away, though slower than molasses in the dead on January, she finds the willpower to step through the doorway again and close and lock the door. Once she does she runs into her room and writes him an email for him to find later... and she lies on her bed waiting for him to text her when he gets home.

An ever present smile, she goes to bed feeling his lips on her cheek.

Monday, May 25, 2009

An escalator in the Metro of Moscow, under Red Square. It was an awesome experience! And this escalator was so fun to ride, it went on FOREVER! I couldn't look back though and see how high I had gone... it scared me... haha

The water in Saint Petersburg...

EEK! We were not allowed to drink the water... but I had to shower in it because we had a performance. Sick!

Me outside of Catherine's Summer Palace


The Romanovs

There was a wall of Photos in Catherine's Summer Home, oddly enough...

They had a picture of me on there?! Whoa!
A typical meal in Russia...

Actually the food was amazing! Always a three course meal, starting with a salad, a soup, and then meat and potatoes. It was really good, I never went hungry!
On this bridge were trees. Lock Trees.

In Moscow, or particularly this part of the city, when you get married you put a lock on the tree to show that you made the commitment. I thought it was really awesome! Some people were funny and put a ball and chain or a pair of handcuffs, others used bike locks and huge locks, but mostly people just put normal locks. Either way, I love it and wish we did something similar! Think about it, at BYU or BYU-I(do). Maybe in front of the Taylor? haha... I think it would be awesome!

This is the eternal flame and in the background you can see Mother Russia. This is in Volgograd, and its amazing! There is an article out, apparently, saying that Mother Russia is about to tip over. We didn't know this when we were there, she weighs about 8,000 tons, and her sword is about as tall as a 7 story building (or is it 12?). It's a memorial to the fallen soldiers of Stalingrad.
In Moscow we were able to go to a replica town, where there were clothing and things for us to take pictures with!

If I were Russian Royalty

Peasant Jenni

Me in front of the Moscow airport, MOCKBA!

Saint Basil's Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow!

Me with our Tour Poster in out Hotel in Volgograd!

Me with a Big Mac in front of McDonalds! They pronounced it Mac Doonals.

A toilet in Kazan. I LOVED the city... hated their toilets. Our hotels were normal, but every restaurant and the opera house where we preformed at had these delights, which I refer to as "Squatty Potties"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

From Russia, With Love

More to come?