Saturday, December 31, 2011

Accomplishments of 2011

Went to Europe: Wales, Scotland, Ireland, England, France

Applied to Grad Schools

Accepted to Grad School: Utah State

Worked EFY for 3 weeks

Went to Yellowstone, San Francisco, Arizona, Canada

Moved to Utah

Met Benji Schwimmer

Started dancing a LOT (spent a lot of money… but it was great)

Got a B and a B+ in my first semester of Grad School

Got a job at an elementary school

Got a boyfriend!

Watched more football than in my whole life combined

Friday, November 25, 2011


Edited with Picnik, paying homage to Fall!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


I am thankful for love. For the love a family has for its children, especially the love my parents have for me and that I have for my nephews.

I am thankful for my dog, that I trained her to sit and shake to get a treat. She does it automatically for me, and almost only me, which is really kind of funny! But it is because no one else requires it of her. Which is a shame. But she is super sweet. Even after I gave her a bath and she hates me.

I am thankful for little kids hugs and kisses, and especially for their laughter.

I am thankful for the opportunities I have had in my life. I love that I was able to be on a dance team that went to Russia. I loved out shows message and that we were able to bring a piece of the Gospel to people who may not have been introduced to it already, and in a form that they might never get it again.

I am so thankful for the time I spent learning how to dance, and for not giving it up. (There was a time where I almost did.)

I am thankful for having worked EFY. And for all of the wonderful kids I got to work with and for their love and excitement about the Gospel.

I am thankful that finally some girls took me up on my silly offer to set me up with someone.

I am thankful for Brad and Blanche giving me a happy home to live in.

I am thankful they read scriptures as a family, and that they are trying to do that.

I am thankful for all of the failed relationships I've had.

I am thankful for how my boyfriend and I understand each other, and how we just seem to fit and how natural it has been.

I am thankful for the moon and the stars. And for star gazing. :)

I am thankful for sunsets.

I am thankful for a love of photography and that I kind of have a good eye and can capture some really neat moments.

I am thankful for the Book of Mormon and the insights I get when I read it.

I am thankful for Rachel and the strong friendship she and I have. I am also thankful for the way she got to be on dance alliance, the team that went to Russia. I sometimes tell her she got on so that I would have a friend.

I am thankful for time, and for the time it takes to develop different relationships, and that my sister and I have become good friends.

I am thankful for a sense of humor, one that I have and the one that Heavenly Father has. (he has to right, it only makes sense...)

I am thankful for rain, and how beautiful it sounds. One time a roommate and I were at the store and it was raining, or this man was buying some tin roof or something random... and he was telling us he was buying it for his wife because she loves the sound of rain on a tin roof.

Oh am I thankful for love and how it grows!

I am thankful for heated blankets. Serious.

I am thankful for prayer.

I am thankful for the Priesthood.

I am thankful for music.

I am thankful for kindness and for when people see a need and fill it without being asked.

I am thankful for many other things as well!

Friday, October 21, 2011

UP! House

UP! House in Herriman Utah, for sale!
Above the fireplace
Along the stairs
Sitting in the replica chairs in the living room. Harrison got to wear the hat, glasses with eyebrows, and pose with the cane... I got nothing. haha

So this was maybe the third date that Harrison and I had been on, and we went to the house after having lunch and decided to look around inside. The guy there asked if we wanted to have our picture taken and of course we did! So as we sat he said, you two have to hold hands... and we were like, eh okay... But the story ends well cause now after many dates Harrison is my boyfriend.

Oh but Jenni, how did you meet Harrison?

Well I am glad you asked cause it is kind of a funny story. For the past three years at EFY I have met so many awesome kids and I think, I bet if they had an older brother he would be this awesome too. So I extend an invitation to all of my youth to hook me up with their older brothers. Quite a few of the kids said, hey date my brother! And would send me a link to their facebook but nothing would ever come of it. Until this year when I was telling some of my girls and they were like, well we don't have a brother but he is like our adopted brother and he goes to BYU and he is awesome and you should marry him! And I am like, of course! So then they CALL him right then, and tell him the story and he is kind of laughing on the other end and they get on my facebook to show me his pictures and add him as my friend and he sends me a message with his number and I do the same and then we started texting and nothing really happened. Well then I move to Utah and he calls me up and we talk about going out and we set up a time and had a really fun first date. (Comedy Sports in Provo) and a week or so later he asked me out again and then it kind of became a more consistent thing until this last week when we were seeing each other every night and we finally decided to call ourselves on it and be official. And that's the story of how Harrison is now my boyfriend.



Well I love to take pictures of nature as we all know, and I have been slacking lately. Because since I moved to Utah to start Grad School I have gotten a job! I work in an elementary school as a teacher's assistant which means I help in Math, Language Arts, and writing and reading workshops in the 5th and 6th grade classes.  We are reading, The Power of Un, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and Sixth Grade Secrets. It is usually a pretty fun thing to do... but sometimes the kids are so difficult to work with because they hate math and for some reason have given up already.  What is is with the younger kids that figured out they can NOT do things? I never knew that was an option, but my brother sure did. I just don't understand... what has contributed to this? Is there something to be blamed?

Ah well, that's a different topic for a different day. It is Fall around here and boy is it pretty! I have been making sure to take my camera with me since I don't have much time to go scouting for pictures. (Which I NEED and really want to do. Makes me miss my photo friend in Washington who would go out on day long photo adventures, and my friend in Oregon who walked around Portland with me before a concert and we share all of our pictures and editing techniques, I need to send him more stuff! haha) Anyway, As I drive to work I have been passing this old corn field or something that has a TON of geese in it that are migrating or something, and if the speed limit weren't 60 and there weren't a million cars on the highway, I would take a picture. But instead think of Fly Away Home and you'll see what I see. Well, some things I have captured thus far.... 

I loved this purple with the yellow in the background

I loved the gradation, how all of the leaves where right here and further out they were less and then it is just green grass holding on for as long as it can before fall takes over...

Sunflowers with the Sun behind it...
Birds flying over a field

Shadow from the tree it fell from... just in a parking lot. I love it.
View from a hike up Ensign Peak, so beautiful!
I just liked all the leaves and was working on a macro shot, but I LOVE this.       

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Things to do in 2011

I was pretending to do homework which equals updating my ipod, cleaning up my computer desktop and files... watching youtube and checking facebook a million times... Anywho, I found this document! Entitles, things to do in 2011.

Things to do in 2011

Apply for Grad School
Take GRE
            Roswell NM

A short list, but I feel quite accomplished!! I took the GRE, I applied to two different Grad Schools and got accepted to one (Go Aggies!!) And  I traveled to Europe ( Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, France, a plane change in Iceland) I also traveled to Canada and Arizona!

Now, to fit in Roswell by the end of the year... maybe... :)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011



New City

Well Folks, I did it! I got into Grad school at Utah State University! I found that out on a Friday, started packing all of my things and moved that Wednesday. I drove for 15 hours straight. I drank a Monster, and 3 Mountain Dews in my mom's 7-11 44oz refill cup... so when I got to my aunt and uncle's house that Wednesday night after midnight, I could not fall asleep! MtDew overdose... such a sweet overdose though! haha I then moved all of my things in by myself and have quite a great set up in my new room. I miss my family in Washington so much, it was tough saying bye to my Nephews cause they didn't understand. I didn't expect my sister to cry, I miss them. But I am enjoying the sunshine here. I am hopeful to focus more on school (since I haven't gotten a job yet... and only have classes once a week so I should be able to study every day and do well... right? ....right?!)
Since moving here I have: 
been on a motorcycle converted into a trike ride on Saturday with my uncle and got stung by a bee
gotten 7 terrible bug bites that look like bruises
not slept through a night
got a library card!

and not done my homework yet.
haha. And I haven't been motivated to edit any of the pictures I took during my drive or ride.

Well, time for some homework... or for some chocolate. :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm still here

I love sun flares.This was taken at a park in Redmond one lazy Saturday afternoon. I really like it, and I am working on putting together a little portfolio or book to have for my records from snapfish or whatever. I love taking pictures!!

ps- I'm alive just been super busy with EFY this summer and a family reunion and finishing up my online abnormal psychology class so I can actually start grad school this fall! I only have two quizzes and the midterm and final to go... so we'll see how this works!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Music: Favorite Songs/Artists

Elevator love letter-Stars
            Heels so high, hopes so low
Airplanes-Local Natives
Lost in my mind-The head and the heart

Mango Tree- Angus and Julia Stone
            I LOVE MANGOS sweet sound
The Blower’s Daughter-Damien Rice
            Hauntingly beautiful, can’t take my eyes off of you heath leger 10 things I hate about you
Blindsided-Bon Iver

Rumour Has It-Adele
            Makes me want to dance
A Little Love-Meaghan Smith
            50s sound with electronic background… love her from 500days of summer
Sweet Disposition-Temper Trap
            500 days of summer
            LOVE anberlin,
Most Of Me-Mandy Moore
            Everblue is a favorite…
Darling buds of May-Brother
            Her birthday is in May
New Low-Middle Class Rut

I only see you-Benton Paul
            Paris is more a favorite, but his voice is great
We Can Try-Between The Trees
            Spain or Darlin or She is
We Used to Wait-Arcade Fire
            Love this group, so unexpected…
Breathe In-Frou Frou
            Dumbing down of love sold me on frou frou… this is a great song that isn’t as serious
Crash Into Me-dave Matthews Band
Girls-Beastie Boys
Pin Your Wings-Copeland

Lazy Eye-Silversun pickups
            Love this version…
Iris-Goo Goo Dolls
Stay-Lisa Loeb
            Fall 2008. heartbroken… amazing
Stare-Marjorie Fair
Black Sheep-“The clash at demonhead” really brie larson’s cover of metric.
            Loved scott pilgrim vs the world.
Misty eyes-ohbijou
            Canadastalker… the one good thing that came from the date that would never end.
Ruby Blue-Roisin Murphy
Staplegunned-Spill Canvas
Bennie and the Jets-Elton John
I’d Rather Dance with you-kings of convience
            Great band
Turn to stone-Ingrid Michaelson
Midnight Highway-Daphne Loves Derby
            Went to efy with bass player… great high school romance song
Edge of the Ocean-Ivy
            Underwater sound, love
            LOVE MAE. No arguments… I just love them.
Here with Me-Dido
The Way you make me feel-Michael Jackson
            WCS FAVORITE
Saints and Sailors-Dashboard Confessionals
Salt Sweat Sugar-Jimmy Eat World
            Prefer believe in what you want
You Make My Dreams-Hall and Oats
            500 days of summer
Clap your hands-Sia
            Good feel
It’s Oh So Quiet-Bjork
            Don’t turn your speakers up too loud… great music video…
Tightrope-Janelle Monae
When You Say Nothing At All-Alison Krauss
            A little country is good for the soul
Such Great Heights-Iron and Wine
            Probably one of the first indie songs I had heard…
Human-The Killers
            Not a huge killers fan, but are we human or are we dancer? Well, dance alliance 2008-2009 Russia tour is dancer. Dance mission!
The Scientist-Coldplay
            Also Yellow. Just classic.
*Oh My Love-John Lennon

Monday, June 13, 2011

Edinburgh 2

Did I mention the weather was PERFECT? Always sunny, always beautiful. I was nervous that all of the pictures would be dark and rainy... but instead, sunny!!

I took some silly pictures during our little tour at the Edinburgh Castle, I just felt it was right! haha


I wanted to talk about my trip to the United Kingdom!
We flew in to Iceland, then over to Manchester. We then were picked up and driven an hour west to Chester. We all spent that day together and then Katie and I took a very early train from Chester to Manchester then to Edinburgh! I was still jet lagged, so I slept on the train. While we waited for that first train at five in the morning... we met this crazy kid! He was wearing a plaid shirt, and his name was James Cameron. and he sang to us. He actually had quite a nice voice! But was also super drunk.

On the train ride we saw a ton of sheep and green rolling countryside... It was pretty. When we finally pulled into Edinburgh... oh it was gorgeous! The train puts you right into the city and our hotel was RIGHT there! It was perfect. We put our bags in the coat check and set off to explore the city. We looked to the left and saw the Castle!! We walked through this crazy big cemetery and up to the castle. Then down along the Royal Mile passing a ton of buildings I wish I had studied about and known what they were. And that statue. We went back to our room to take a nap and then walked back to the castle at night!

Finally A Title!

Okay guys. Turns out this whole time I have had title turned off. But I figured it out and I have a title! WOO!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I was looking through my pictures and trying to add a little logo to some of them, going back and forth with JWO Photo or Photography and Photographs when I stumbled upon this gem! I added the JWO... so maybe I should go with JWO Photographs eh? hahahaha

Photo tag?

I realize I have been slacking off on getting my pictures up from my trip, which is important to me... cause I really enjoy my photographs and want everyone to think they are amazing too!
I took this one in color, but edited it in picasa by saturating it and then putting it in black and white... I don't know why but I really like it!!

And I was reading my friend who is a real and really amazing photographer, and she was talking about her logo and I have been considering a logo for my stuff, maybe just so that it is connected to my pictures so people know it is mine more than my trying to promote myself, and I don't know what is a good tag to have. Right now I am waffeling between JWO Photography or Photographs, and I don't even know if I like using JWO or not... thoughts?

And thoughts on my picture?


PS- I see that I am getting a lot of traffic... but I don't know who you are! I'd like to... :D

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Can't You Just Adore Her?

She likes her chocolate in the morning, she drinks her caffiene late at night...

I am awkward. I knew this in the past, but let me tell you... it is definately triggered by boys.

I can't decide if it is an awkwardness brought on by me trying to get a boy to like me or strictly because I like a boy and am unsure how to navigate this situation because I don't date often.

But the other day this boy called me out on it as I was leaving his house, I wasn't sure how long we wanted to be talking outside and so I said, Welp...See ya later (as in Big Gulps style) and as I was turning to walk away he said, Don't be awkward. And I said, it's what I do best...

then we proceeded to quote Arrested Development and Scott Pilgrim VS the World via texts for the next two days, danced a few times on Tuesday where he invited me to watch a hockey game with him the next day, yesterday, which I did. And it was normal and fine mostly... until I had to leave again (which I never know how long to stay... bah) anywho... another awkward exit and it is so frusterating!

Why can't I just be me?
Is it because I don't understand why he isn't in love with me yet? Do I want him to like me so I have the upperhand and can deny him?
Am I just this into him that I don't know what to do??

I don't know! But I do know that my mind is betraying me and I can't stop thinking about him and thats kind of infuriating.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Canadian Stalker part 2

somehow the story does not end with us leaving. A few days later I was on a plane to Texas to be in my dear friends wedding, Go Maria!
As I am waiting and dillydallying on my phone, who texts me? Of course, Dane.
He wants to know if I want to go to a concert and I am like, you live in Canada, I don't and no...
and he was like, oh I was planning on going down to --
and I was like. Nope, Im out of town. Plane is taking off gtg.

So then it is a little while later and my bestie (amazing hair) asks me about Dane. And I tell her and then say, wait... how do you even know about him, I never mentioned him?

Turns out he went on facebook and sent Rachel a note because he wanted to come down and surprise me with a visit.


fast forward: a week after that he is engaged. Turns out instead of visiting me he went somewhere else and met a gal as desperate as he was and they got engaged and married shortly after. Good for them! he thanked me sometime after this--not that I did anything, but he was all like, if i had gone to visit you I wouldn't have ever met her! And yikes. he was like, I do still love you too though. WHAT? You LOVE me??


Monday, May 16, 2011

The Canadian

I was reading through some old posts and realized some of my disasterous dating posts are quite funny... and then I realized I never told you about my Canadian stalker.

The year was 2009. I had just gotten back from my three weeks in Russia and my two weeks or how ever long my jet lag and dilly-dally-ing took coming back to Washington from Utah... then my mom wanted to go to Canada to visit my grandmother and I was still on a Passport high, so I said yes! I knew that shortly after that trip I would be going to Texas for my friends wedding--I was her maid of honor. :) Which would not be my first time in the wedding party...

Anyway, We go up to Canada. We usually stay at my mom's best friend's house which is nice, they have kids my age that are sometimes fun to hang out with. We go shopping and this was the trip that I found THE Perfect Little Black Dress. It just is so perfect.

Well, my mom's friends have an extra room in their house that they rent out to local college kids and this guy, lets call him "Dane" was living with them. So whatever. I pay no mind to him cause I am there to see family and I am still a little jet lagged.

I don't remember how it all happened, but I think my mom was going to go out with her friends and I didn't really want to and somehow I ended up going to the county fair with Dane. It was fun enough, I haven't really ever done rides at a fair before and he was excited to show me how fun they were and whatever. So we are trying to make some conversations and I am thinking, this kid is kind of strange. But whatever, we are having an alright time. So after that hour or two passes he askes if I want to go see a movie. I like movies so I think, eh sure. Harmless right? And that after the movie we would just end up going home and it would be over.

Wrong. After the movie he says, lets grab something to eat. And I think, well I am kind of hungry. So okay. But I made a mistake. I had mentioned that I bought the best dress earlier that day so he says, lets go get dressed up for a fancy dinner! And I am thinking... eh no? And I say, oh I don't know I kind of and he says YEAH! Somehow I am trapped.

So we go back and get changed and I have to dry shave my legs cause its been awhile and I don't have time to shower. But it is like 8 or 9 by this time. so I am thinking, okay dinner and then we come back.

As we leave I shoot my mom this stare that says, I am trapped and you are doing nothing to save me from this.

For whatever reason we drive around and he can't find the Keg where he wanted to take me and instead we go to the beach and walk out to the lighthouse. I am kind of irritated by now cause I didn't bring a jacket, I didn't think we would be outside and it is cold... and he is making me climb down these rocks in a dress I just bought and I don't want to be doing this anymore! I think the salt water ended up irritating my dry shaven legs...

Anywho, finally we go back to the car and he takes me to a poolhouse. So we shoot some pool. He is trying to be all flirty and I am thinking, I can put up with this for another half hour and then go home. No biggie. But he is dancing all weird and I a getting fed up. But I can be nice for a little longer.

Do you think I got to go home and go to bed after this?

Nope. We then are driving and he says, oh I want to show you one more thing! And I am like, well I am kind of tired...

He ignores that. So we drive to a beach lookout and I am like, no way am I kissing him. So we sit in his car just in silence. I make some comment cause it is soooo awkward. I comment about the CD that is playing, the music was really cool so I talk about it. (the bank is Obijou, pretty good, and he ended up giving me the cd, so that was cool) Then it is back to awkward silence.

Finally I say, man I am so tired... I think we should go back. I have to wake up early in the morning so my mom and I can drive home.

and then maybe twenty minutes later he drives us back. I have no idea what was going through his head... he isn't trying to make any moves so I have no idea.

anyway, We get home late like at 1:30 or something so everyone is asleep. He goes to his room and I make my bed on the couch.

He may have tried to tuck me in. I can't remember.

What I do remember is waking up to someone nudging me and telling me to scoot over. I am vaguely aware that it is Dane. He is trying to cuddle with me. I pretend to be asleep and won't budge.

He is very persistent. I can't remember everything but I am grumpy by this point because he is disturbing my sleep and it is like 6 am! No way am I cuddling with you! I felt NO connection yesterday on our date that WOULD NOT END! And no you will NOT get any action. He then says, lets go to breakfast! And I am like, no I am sleeping. After a few more attempts to cuddle and lure me to breakfast the annoyance goes away. This may have been where he tucked me in. I have no idea anymore.

But then I am being woken up again and I want to slap him. Turns out it is my mom. She let me know that Dane went and got us doughnuts and I am like, mom we have to leave before he comes back!!

So we leave.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Birthday is in May.
It is what it is.

LOVE this song right now!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Nephew Owen turned three on May 5th and he had his party on Saturday, it was Ghostbuster Themed after his favorite movie! My sister had made the boys matching jumpsuits and this amazing cake.

I had to make cupcakes and knew they had to be special... so I made strawberry cupcakes filled with sLIME!

A picture of me as Janine with Owen wearing my glasses, what a cutie!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This is a beautiful little town next to the Denbigh Castle in Wales. We didn't get to experience this city at all, but it is so cute and I love all the colors.
I had a GREAT weekend! I read on facebook that one of my old college friends who lives in California was coming up for a dance conference this weekend, so I decided I needed to go and visit her.
It was the Seattle Easter Swing so I went on Thursday night for social dancing.
It was fantastic! But, I use to think I was a great dance, and a good dancer in West Coast. But... turns out I don't know anything about West Coast Swing! It is totally different than ballroom west coast, and both are great but true West Coast is super fun and swanky. So I have been working on that.
I couldn't get into any other of the events because the whole thing was booked, so I decided to volunteer.
I went on Sunday to check wristbands for the award ceremony and right before that was the professional jack and jill competition which BENJI SCHWIMMER WAS IN! I hadn't even realized or thought that he might be there... but I have loved him since SYTYCD and I voted for him for HOURS!! My roommate Tiffany and I would sit on the couch with our cell phone and the apartment phone and vote and vote and vote...

So after that was over everyone cleared out of the ballroom to clean up before the social dance started and I got up the guts to go over and ask Benji for a picture with him.
And I did and he was super polite and was talking to someone before me and noticed I was waiting and then we started chatting and he noticed my BYU-I dance shoe bag and we talked about being LDS and going to church and easter and teaching/choreographing for BYU and I told him if I was ever asked to choreograph for BYU that I would call him up and invite him. We had a good laugh and he is a really nice guy and I still love him! haha
So, here's our engagement photo, no big deal....

Friday, March 25, 2011

Thank you Julie F of for posting this... I almost was tearing up because it is so gorgeous. It has been one of my life goals to see the Aurora Borealis for a long time now, and once in Canada my Grandfather and I tried to find a good view of it on a beach but had no luck. While watching this video I decided I will know I have found the right guy when it is his goal to get me to see the Aurora Borealis in all its glory. :) Happy Friday err'buddy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To do list: (a post in parenthesis)

Listen to Damien Rice's Blowers Daughter five more times ( within the time it took to write this post, I listened to it at least three times) (one reason I LOVE it is cause it makes me think of Heath Ledger from 10 Things I Hate About You)
Laundry (check... for one load)
Clean room/unpack
upload photos (check)
edit photos (not even close to having a check)
read more (books to read include the trylle series, a cutesy trilogy about trolls... i know right? Happy Potter... MAYBE.. don't get too excited. books to look into reading, never let me go and the last letter from your lover. Need to read, the newer Nicholas Sparks novel. and tons more books, I want to read more. also, scriptures daily.)
And read my Grandfather's autobio in our family book called Oh Joy.. so, I might as well read the whole thing yeah? Maybe.
Go to Seattle/Tacoma and drink in the culture like I did in the United Kingdom
Make my T-Shirt quilt... or start, more so than having the shirts piled up in a corner of my room. (check! Well, I have them folded in a box...)
Listen to a CD a day, and give a description of it or post about my feelings from it.
Apply to Utah State University
Study for an take MAT instead of retaking GRE if lady from USU ever gets back to me on how my GRE scores rank within their program...
clean room. (I am anticipating that by the time I have done some of these things my room will again need to be cleaned. haha)
Go through my clothes and get rid of a ton. (living out of a suitcase for basically the past month I have realized I really don't need much... so why am I am set of having so many clothes?)
Read more Psychology books. (heh heh psycho analysis of myself, here I come!!)
Learn more about History and those who where here before me.
Appreciate more the things I do have. (which would be easier to do if I took out the excess)

I could keep coming up with more, but really I am just procrastinating cleaning my room... haha

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Give and Get is Here!

Give and Get is Here!: "Enjoy 30% off from March 17-20 at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy plus we'll make a 5% donation to a non-profit."
Not Exactly A Bucket List...

Going on Holiday go the United Kingdom was amazing. Some words I have decided to bring back are, holiday for vacation, lift for elevator, and allan out for exit. Haha..
I also had decided to try to live my life a little bit differently, and in that has sparked a semi bucket list kind of list.

Before my holiday I would go to work from 6 am til 1 or so, come home and nap.

In Europe I walked about 5 miles a day and did 3000 stairs. I went to museums and learned about history, I appreciated art and nature and enjoyed my food.

So, instead of coming home from work to a nap, I want to go to a museum or go to an art gallery. I want to discover what my city has to offer.

In other things that more similarly go to a bucket list kind of thing... I really want to go in a Hot Air Balloon.

I also must check out the Salsa scene here... I promised a Brit that I would! (He was the kindest, cutest, bestest salsa dancer who smelled AMAZING. Curse his French girlfriend... at least he did kiss my cheeks good bye! seriously though, he smelled great and was such a fantastic dancer and lead...his lead was a very fluid and soft lead, not at all harsh and difficult to follow, and I really liked him. I really do want him and me to be pen pals of sorts and remain friends and share dance stories and whatever.)

The way of life over there seemed less hectic and more calm and happy. Maybe that was just because I didn't have any responsibilities and wasn't going to work... who knows. But they all seemed to be living better than we do and living more simply and appreciating things more.

Just a preview while I start to go through and edit pictures from my trip! This is Stonehenge and no edits were done because I think it is already stellar. I have become a little more motivated to submit some of my photographs into some contests or county fairs!
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I have packed so far:
Dark bootcut jeans
lighter colored skinny jeans
floral top--white and grey tanks
grey cardigan
polka dot top --black tank
red cardigan
black shirt
green houndstooth tank
long sleeve blue t --black tank
black sweater vest
white t-shirt --black tank
tan boots
purple sneakers
black flats
gray sweater hat
black sparkle scarf
black belt
brown belt
purple peacoat
black sweater coat
long plaid sweater coat

hot hands

Paperwork for hotels, trains, stonehenge, driving directions etc
Ashes and crematory letter

Need to pack:
black skinny pants
more shirts?
another pair of shoes?
sweatshirt for lounging
pjs/workout clothes

Hair dryer
round brush
safety pins
cough drops
handiwipes and sanitizer
body butter
skin care products
another scarf or two

EEKS! 4 days!

What am I forgetting?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

England is in 12 days I don't know what to pack!!!

I do have some ideas of things I will need...
I know that moleskin is a must! We will be walking a lot!

We did get accepted to walk through Stonehenge too, amazing!!

Monday, February 07, 2011

While doing some research for my England trip... I took a look around me and started laughing about all the books I had splayed around me, so I took a picture!

The a rough look at the itinerary so far:
Chester, Scotland, Chester, Dublin and the longest city name in the world (in Wales), Chester, Cadbury World and Crooked House, Castle Sunday! (Conwy, Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Dolwyddlean) Chester, London, Paris, Stonehenge, Roman Baths and Chester! WOOHOO!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Post Script:
TO DO this year: (forget resolutions... I'm makin to do lists!)
I want to participate in Kendi's 30 for 30... but it scares me. And I couldn't this month due to my TRIP TO ENGLAND! (sweet photo of planning coming.)
Go to London, England, Dublin Ireland, Edinburgh Scotland, Paris France, Stonehenge, and other exciting places!!

Also: Currently Reading Water for Elephants
Well I haven't really made any new years resolutions... towards the end of last year I was toying around with the idea of running in a 5k every month but I missed January already due to grad school hullabaloo...
I did however try to tell myself that I must wear a different dress to church each week. Seeing as I have over 30 It shouldn't be too hard! So I have a few weeks of those pictures to catch up with...Week One: The Perfect Little Black Dress
I thought I would attempt the belted-scarf idea... But I didn't actually end up wearing it. But I liked the idea and LOVE this scarf that my friend Madame Bada*s got for me from New York!
Belt: H&M
Dress: Le Chateau (Canada)

Before I had chosen the LBD, I was toying with the idea of this little number, using these awesome Jessica Simpson tights from Macys, and I couldn't decide which shoe I preferred... But as I was deciding I realized I didn't like the way this dress from Romy's was fitting me, so I opted to switch. This means that you will indeed see this dress again sometime this year!
Boots: Target
Shoes: DSW
Bad picture, I know. But I enjoyed this outfit.
Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: Banana Republic Outlet
Boots: Target

Week Three: I decided to wear Mrs. Peacock. I had been wanting to wear it with my purple boots, and also decided to try a new trend...
The tall sock above the boot... I don't know if I loved it or not... but I liked the outfit alright.
Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Socks: WetSeal
Boots: Sears

Week Four I went with my dress Coral Reef. I decided to try a new way of tying it... instead of the traditional bow which is cute,

I decided to twist it around for a new look!
Dress: Nordstrom
I wore it with those sweet brown Jessica Simpson tights and my Target boots.

To Be Pictured: Week five, the Puuurfect Puuuurple Dress with purple flats.

So now the question on every one's mind, What will Jenni wear in February?!
Also, I ended up buying another dress in January... oops! It is super cute though, a cranberry shirt dress. It'll look great with my boots from Target!