Friday, March 25, 2011

Thank you Julie F of for posting this... I almost was tearing up because it is so gorgeous. It has been one of my life goals to see the Aurora Borealis for a long time now, and once in Canada my Grandfather and I tried to find a good view of it on a beach but had no luck. While watching this video I decided I will know I have found the right guy when it is his goal to get me to see the Aurora Borealis in all its glory. :) Happy Friday err'buddy.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

To do list: (a post in parenthesis)

Listen to Damien Rice's Blowers Daughter five more times ( within the time it took to write this post, I listened to it at least three times) (one reason I LOVE it is cause it makes me think of Heath Ledger from 10 Things I Hate About You)
Laundry (check... for one load)
Clean room/unpack
upload photos (check)
edit photos (not even close to having a check)
read more (books to read include the trylle series, a cutesy trilogy about trolls... i know right? Happy Potter... MAYBE.. don't get too excited. books to look into reading, never let me go and the last letter from your lover. Need to read, the newer Nicholas Sparks novel. and tons more books, I want to read more. also, scriptures daily.)
And read my Grandfather's autobio in our family book called Oh Joy.. so, I might as well read the whole thing yeah? Maybe.
Go to Seattle/Tacoma and drink in the culture like I did in the United Kingdom
Make my T-Shirt quilt... or start, more so than having the shirts piled up in a corner of my room. (check! Well, I have them folded in a box...)
Listen to a CD a day, and give a description of it or post about my feelings from it.
Apply to Utah State University
Study for an take MAT instead of retaking GRE if lady from USU ever gets back to me on how my GRE scores rank within their program...
clean room. (I am anticipating that by the time I have done some of these things my room will again need to be cleaned. haha)
Go through my clothes and get rid of a ton. (living out of a suitcase for basically the past month I have realized I really don't need much... so why am I am set of having so many clothes?)
Read more Psychology books. (heh heh psycho analysis of myself, here I come!!)
Learn more about History and those who where here before me.
Appreciate more the things I do have. (which would be easier to do if I took out the excess)

I could keep coming up with more, but really I am just procrastinating cleaning my room... haha

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Give and Get is Here!

Give and Get is Here!: "Enjoy 30% off from March 17-20 at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy plus we'll make a 5% donation to a non-profit."
Not Exactly A Bucket List...

Going on Holiday go the United Kingdom was amazing. Some words I have decided to bring back are, holiday for vacation, lift for elevator, and allan out for exit. Haha..
I also had decided to try to live my life a little bit differently, and in that has sparked a semi bucket list kind of list.

Before my holiday I would go to work from 6 am til 1 or so, come home and nap.

In Europe I walked about 5 miles a day and did 3000 stairs. I went to museums and learned about history, I appreciated art and nature and enjoyed my food.

So, instead of coming home from work to a nap, I want to go to a museum or go to an art gallery. I want to discover what my city has to offer.

In other things that more similarly go to a bucket list kind of thing... I really want to go in a Hot Air Balloon.

I also must check out the Salsa scene here... I promised a Brit that I would! (He was the kindest, cutest, bestest salsa dancer who smelled AMAZING. Curse his French girlfriend... at least he did kiss my cheeks good bye! seriously though, he smelled great and was such a fantastic dancer and lead...his lead was a very fluid and soft lead, not at all harsh and difficult to follow, and I really liked him. I really do want him and me to be pen pals of sorts and remain friends and share dance stories and whatever.)

The way of life over there seemed less hectic and more calm and happy. Maybe that was just because I didn't have any responsibilities and wasn't going to work... who knows. But they all seemed to be living better than we do and living more simply and appreciating things more.

Just a preview while I start to go through and edit pictures from my trip! This is Stonehenge and no edits were done because I think it is already stellar. I have become a little more motivated to submit some of my photographs into some contests or county fairs!
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