Friday, September 13, 2013

And thats why I love Dance

So last night I stepped out of my comfort zone, into my old and what use to be my comfort zone...
I went to an audition for the Mormon Tabernacle Christmas Concert dancers...

Now, I knew it wasn't a ballroom audition, which is a lot more in my realm. But, I thought I would try and I really need to be dancing again. So it was a surprisingly fast taught routine, and being out of the dance world that muscle in my brain had not been exercised, and it wasn't ballroom so it wasn't all moves I was use to. But it was fun. They wanted it to be more musical theatre, more character driven, but backed up by technique. I think I did well with the character portion, but I do not entertain thoughts that I made it. (This isn't me being self deprecating, it is just being honest with seeing the competition.)

Another great thing about the audition, was that I was able to have a little reunion with some amazing girls from the Dance Alliance Russia team. It was so nice to talk with them and dance with them again! After the audition we went out to dinner and just chatted. I haven't done that in a while, talking with some sweet ladies.

I woke up this morning sore, and I was so happy. 

Last night with the girls we talked about how some people think of dance as "something they did in high school" and I didn't understand that mentality, though it seems like that is how I have been living. I remember some people in college telling me I should never stop dancing, and I never thought I would.

So, the question is, where does a 27 year old go for dance classes?

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Missing Creativity

My life is awesome, I love being married and my husband is simply my best friend and treats me so incredibly well.

I just finished my last traditional class for Graduate School, and I just have 600 clock hours to do for my internship, take a big scary test (that costs $115, blech!) and I will graduate with my masters and have my license!

I worked my way up to an Assistant Supervisor position at work (which I have to cut back on so I can make my hours for the internship...)

We just moved into a new apartment that we LOVE. It has Air Conditioning, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer (all appliances our last place did not have), vaulted ceilings, an extra bedroom, and tons of storage space. It is in a great ward with some of Harrison's college roommates, we feel so welcomed, which is a vast improvement from our last ward where someone once told my husband that due to where we were living they were not going to try to be friends with us because we would be moving soon.

But, that aside... I miss being creative. I really miss choreographing dance routines and walking around and taking photographs.  I miss having a desire to write in my music blog (though I think if people commented in it I would write more)

I think being out of school will help give me more time to be creative, though not being on a dance team or having one to coach will make that aspect a little harder...

What are some of your secrets on getting your creativity back?

Sunday, April 07, 2013

183rd General Conference Part 4

Sunday Afternoon

Jeffrey R Holland
Lord I believe, help thou mine unbelief.
integrity you demonstrate to the faith you already have --thats the problem.
lead with your strengths and follow with your weakness
Don’t stand in the way of your faith from a miracle.
what we know trumps what we do not know.
in this world, everyone must walk by faith.
Ask for help.
Hope On.

Dallin H Oaks
Jesus’s teachings are to be ACTED upon
Walk the path that thou hast shown--its not an easy path, many things come into the path, but if we are walking on it it helps those following in our footsteps (family, friends, children) sometimes we get tired, but as Christ, we must keep going, keep striving for that end despite the things in the way or how tired we have become and how difficult that path gets (the world)
Following Christ is not a casual or occasional practice, but a continuous commitment and way of life

Christoffel Golden
of the 70

Enrique R. Falabella
of the 70
The Temple is the Place
it is not enough to know the scriptures--live them!

Erich W. Kopischke of the 70
even when your children mess up, respond to them in love and acceptance.--its a basic human need to be accepted.

Bruce D Porter of the 70
trials will come, trust in the lord and be humble and the Lord will give us guidance.
find joy in each day (gratitude journal?)

D. Todd Christofferson
achieve security and happiness at home
family is more important than a house

President Thomas S Monson
Study the messages further
Extend helping hand and loving heart

183rd General Conference Part 3

Sunday Morning

Dieter F Uchtdorf
Let light in
don’t let the darkness in, fight it out.
understand that darkness exists, but do not dwell there.
Spiritual light can not be discerned with Carnal Eyes
We don’t have to be perfect to receive blessings from God
Where you are right NOW is a perfect place to start.

Neil A Anderson
Put the missionary badge on--on your heart.
Be Ready Always (to answer questions, share the gospel, shine your light)
when people ask what you believe, do not just answer, but invite them to church. See how we learn, how we believe, how we worship
Rosemary M Wixom primary presidency
disconnect from technology and reconnect with others

L Whitney Clayton of the 70
Watch and Learn
Marriage is priceless
Work side by side
love with complete devotion
Marriage is a gift from God, our quality of marriage is a gift from us to him

L. Tom Perry
happiness in this life comes when we are obedient.
sin will always be sin
do not pick and choose which commandments you will follow

President Thomas S Monson
keep the commandments to receive truth and light and know all things
rules and laws to ensure our physical safety
great test of this life is obedience

183rd General Conference Part 2

Saturday Afternoon

Richard G Scott
Life is frantic--find peace in your home
When Christ is the center of your home there is peace
Trust in the Lord and in his timing
(We are using technology for good!)

Quentin L Cook
Peace (finding it within yourself)
His peace will ease our suffering....will suffuse our souls with happiness
Peace comes from knowing that the Savior knows who we are
[finding peace through prayer--hymn sung before was Did You Think To Pray]

Stanley G Ellis
of the 70
Speaking Direct
HOW we raise is more important than WHERE
--how you handle different situations and how they act outside of the home
Hearken, understand, govern--in HIS way

John B Dickson of the 70

David A Bednar
Eternal importance of Chastity
natural man is Unrepentant
We are here to bridle all of the passions of the flesh

Russell M Nelson
*Apply to college before going on a mission
Catch the wave--help with financial

183rd General Conference Notes Part 1

I thought I would post some notes I took from the 183rd General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I spent 8 hours this weekend listening to others in my religion speak about our beliefs and share their testimonies.

Saturday Morning

President Monson
Announce temples: Cedar City Utah, Rio de Janeiro Brazil
65,634 Full time Missionaries! 58 new missions!!

Boyd K Packer
We are meant to age (I think this also refers to how we are meant to grow)
--Its interesting to me how the first part of his poem is a little funny and about his life while the second half is his testimony.
Protect the family, your nest. Live in ways to provide safety and security
love, fidelity--show your children

Dean M. Davies
2nd Counselor Presiding Bishopric
Building upon a sure Foundation
careful attention with building a temple, with land and weather conditions considered.  (
picture of Provo Tabernacle Temple)
Find appropriate balance in your life--spiritual structure must be reinforced. Prayer, scripture study, worthily partake of the sacrament weekly.

Elaine S Dalton Young Women General President
What Ere Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part.
“We are Daughters of our Heavenly Father Who loves us and we love Him”
Understand what you are, and whose you are.
exemplify virtue (is virtue one of the young women values? --scripture study of YW values in scriptures)
men-preside in love
equal partners

Craig A Cardon of the 70
Forgiving someone 70 times 7 helps US to learn forgiveness and become more merciful.
Learn to forgive ourselves
overcoming addictive behavior, do not be judgmental of those who are struggling with addictions they deserve our steadiness, patience, love, forgiveness (reminds me of EFY song, You can Change)
Think of people not as they are, but as they can become.
M Russell Ballard
Priesthood Authority: to act in God’s name
love, humility, patience
tomato plant--don’t neglect your testimony like the tomato plant, but if you have, nourish it back and let it grow.
Leadership training available online (need to watch)

President Henry B Eyring
Depend on the Lord and serve in faith