Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I have packed so far:
Dark bootcut jeans
lighter colored skinny jeans
floral top--white and grey tanks
grey cardigan
polka dot top --black tank
red cardigan
black shirt
green houndstooth tank
long sleeve blue t --black tank
black sweater vest
white t-shirt --black tank
tan boots
purple sneakers
black flats
gray sweater hat
black sparkle scarf
black belt
brown belt
purple peacoat
black sweater coat
long plaid sweater coat

hot hands

Paperwork for hotels, trains, stonehenge, driving directions etc
Ashes and crematory letter

Need to pack:
black skinny pants
more shirts?
another pair of shoes?
sweatshirt for lounging
pjs/workout clothes

Hair dryer
round brush
safety pins
cough drops
handiwipes and sanitizer
body butter
skin care products
another scarf or two

EEKS! 4 days!

What am I forgetting?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

England is in 12 days I don't know what to pack!!!

I do have some ideas of things I will need...
I know that moleskin is a must! We will be walking a lot!

We did get accepted to walk through Stonehenge too, amazing!!

Monday, February 07, 2011

While doing some research for my England trip... I took a look around me and started laughing about all the books I had splayed around me, so I took a picture!

The a rough look at the itinerary so far:
Chester, Scotland, Chester, Dublin and the longest city name in the world (in Wales), Chester, Cadbury World and Crooked House, Castle Sunday! (Conwy, Beaumaris, Caernarfon, Dolwyddlean) Chester, London, Paris, Stonehenge, Roman Baths and Chester! WOOHOO!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Post Script:
TO DO this year: (forget resolutions... I'm makin to do lists!)
I want to participate in Kendi's 30 for 30... but it scares me. And I couldn't this month due to my TRIP TO ENGLAND! (sweet photo of planning coming.)
Go to London, England, Dublin Ireland, Edinburgh Scotland, Paris France, Stonehenge, and other exciting places!!

Also: Currently Reading Water for Elephants
Well I haven't really made any new years resolutions... towards the end of last year I was toying around with the idea of running in a 5k every month but I missed January already due to grad school hullabaloo...
I did however try to tell myself that I must wear a different dress to church each week. Seeing as I have over 30 It shouldn't be too hard! So I have a few weeks of those pictures to catch up with...Week One: The Perfect Little Black Dress
I thought I would attempt the belted-scarf idea... But I didn't actually end up wearing it. But I liked the idea and LOVE this scarf that my friend Madame Bada*s got for me from New York!
Belt: H&M
Dress: Le Chateau (Canada)

Before I had chosen the LBD, I was toying with the idea of this little number, using these awesome Jessica Simpson tights from Macys, and I couldn't decide which shoe I preferred... But as I was deciding I realized I didn't like the way this dress from Romy's was fitting me, so I opted to switch. This means that you will indeed see this dress again sometime this year!
Boots: Target
Shoes: DSW
Bad picture, I know. But I enjoyed this outfit.
Cardigan: Old Navy
Dress: Banana Republic Outlet
Boots: Target

Week Three: I decided to wear Mrs. Peacock. I had been wanting to wear it with my purple boots, and also decided to try a new trend...
The tall sock above the boot... I don't know if I loved it or not... but I liked the outfit alright.
Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Socks: WetSeal
Boots: Sears

Week Four I went with my dress Coral Reef. I decided to try a new way of tying it... instead of the traditional bow which is cute,

I decided to twist it around for a new look!
Dress: Nordstrom
I wore it with those sweet brown Jessica Simpson tights and my Target boots.

To Be Pictured: Week five, the Puuurfect Puuuurple Dress with purple flats.

So now the question on every one's mind, What will Jenni wear in February?!
Also, I ended up buying another dress in January... oops! It is super cute though, a cranberry shirt dress. It'll look great with my boots from Target!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Well... Thanks for nothin...

My Grad school application is due by Today... so does that mean that final materials are due today or that it all needed to be turned in by yesterday? I don't know... which brings me to what is stressing me out uber bad today...

One of my letters of recommendation has not been turned in yet. Thanks for that psych department chair. Guess I shouldn't have picked you.

so... it is very possible that I stressed myself out about the GRE and writing my essay and paying my 170 for the test and 50 bucks for the application for fun... because they won't accept incomplete applications.

so..... I'm kind of in a terrible mood.

Lucky for me I do have a massage scheduled for tonight.

But a drawback of massages are that they release emotions... so it is QUITE possible that I will end up bawling on the table. My apologies in advance Masseuse.