Friday, February 26, 2010

Yikes. So, I am not trying to have pity party for my dating life, instead I am giving you a good laugh.
So I work at a gym as a receptionist. This means a lot of weird guys try to hit on me, because I believe myself to be an attractive woman, cute and funny, smart, creative, whatever. I've been hit on by older men, married men, and weirdos. Latest weirdo is Chris, again a fictitious name.
Chris had seemed interested in me for a few days, and finally yesterday he asks me the standard set up questions.
Do you go to school?
No, I graduated with my BS last year
What do you do in your spare time?
I work, I have three jobs. But when I don't work I sleep. Ha ha. I read and play card and board games with my family, and teach ballroom to youth.
Oh wow, so do you have a boyfriend?
No, I don't have time for one! (This is where I realized I made my mistake... but it was too late. And I am an honest person...)
He goes, oh wow really? That surprises me. So, you want to hang out sometime?
(This is where I try to use a cop out) Oh, that's kind of against the rules...
Oh... so you want to hang out sometime?
(Dude, did you not just hear me?)
He says, I am such a shy guy it takes me so long to try to talk to a girl
So I feel like I have to say, oh okay sure.
Then he says, oh great! Can I have your number?
(Dang it!) Uh... sure... so I write it down. But just so you know, I am not a phone talker.
Okay, cool well We'll talk later then!
(...I just said I hate talking on the phone...) Just so you know I do work all day today. (The truth.) about an hour after he left I get a text, hey Jenny this is Chris from the gym, will you be free to talk later?

Oh sheesh, what did I get myself into?! Not to mention he shaves his head, which really isn't a problem, but I love hair. Oh, and he has this huge post in his ear, across the whole top of his ear, going from one side to the other. So while I may have been flattered to be hit on, since he isn't a Peter Priesthood I kind of dismiss it. Is that weird?

Well I wait a few hours before texting him back and saying something like, oh well I work all days so I won't have time, haha! Trying to be funny about it.

Then he texts back later saying, oh okay, will you have time to talk tomorrow?

So again, trying to be funny but also trying to let him know I hate talking on the phone and also trying to emphasize that I always work I say, No, I wasn't joking when I said I work all the time! (imagine me laughing after that, because it is true but trying to use humor.)

This morning I get this text from him "When you use an ! after your sentences, does it mean more than it is? Or are you telling me something? Like i'm texting too much? You're not sorry you gave me your number are you?"

Whoa. Take a breather man! It was an exclamation point!! But yes I am sorry I gave you my number you silly girl! First off, you only texted me twice, so no, you are not texting me too much, But you are being annoying too much. So I don't know what to write back to him. Because I know there isn't going to be a future for us, I am not actually interested in hanging out with him, and whoa. I just can not believe how insecure he is. It is actually kind of a sad situation.

And thus continues my romantically challenged-ness.
New favorite song of the week or so:

I want these shoes, but in white or black?

Lastly, I finished the book Shutter Island! Psychological thriller, good read. Lots of swearing... but I did enjoy it. So now I am reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks, and I am wondering if I should continue to read books before the movie version comes out or after. I have usually read the book first, but I felt like that made Shutter Island a waste of my time to watch, except for not because Hello Leo! But, I already knew the ending, and the turn of events... same for My Sister's Keeper, the Lovely Bones and A Walk To Remember and etc. Usually, if I read the book far enough in advance I will actually forget details and it can be like a new story to me... and I always go into the movie with an open mind, appreciating the directors creative interpretation... but I have begun to wonder if I should wait to read the books.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

The rest of the week's music...
Fiona Apple, anything by her really... Waltz Better Than Fine, Please Please Please, and Fast As You Can

The song for the Dear John Trailer, Set Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol

the song I will one day play for the man I marry:

Heard that at old navy one day while I was working and I was blown away by it... haha I love it!

Man I wish I could marry, Benton Paul. This is my favorite song by him, The Devil. This is a live clip, and I would say he is just as good live as he is on his cd Grey, which I basically love every song on there.