Wednesday, August 31, 2011



New City

Well Folks, I did it! I got into Grad school at Utah State University! I found that out on a Friday, started packing all of my things and moved that Wednesday. I drove for 15 hours straight. I drank a Monster, and 3 Mountain Dews in my mom's 7-11 44oz refill cup... so when I got to my aunt and uncle's house that Wednesday night after midnight, I could not fall asleep! MtDew overdose... such a sweet overdose though! haha I then moved all of my things in by myself and have quite a great set up in my new room. I miss my family in Washington so much, it was tough saying bye to my Nephews cause they didn't understand. I didn't expect my sister to cry, I miss them. But I am enjoying the sunshine here. I am hopeful to focus more on school (since I haven't gotten a job yet... and only have classes once a week so I should be able to study every day and do well... right? ....right?!)
Since moving here I have: 
been on a motorcycle converted into a trike ride on Saturday with my uncle and got stung by a bee
gotten 7 terrible bug bites that look like bruises
not slept through a night
got a library card!

and not done my homework yet.
haha. And I haven't been motivated to edit any of the pictures I took during my drive or ride.

Well, time for some homework... or for some chocolate. :)