Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Finds
You can add a ton of songs to a playlist, and it will play them, for free! I know pandora is awesome cause it gives you artists that are similar to ones you already love and introduces you to new bands, but this site lets you listen to all the songs you love! No commercials, no waiting to hear a band you do know, and you can replay the song if you loved it!

So I am trying to spingclean my room... get rid of some clothes, get the clutter removed. I am trying to be heartless about my things, so that I can actually get rid of things...but I came across a pair of pants, and I tried them on and they did not fit. So, in this spring-cleaning spirit, I should just donate them. But I thought... why not give a date that I should be able to fit into them like say, May 5th, and if by that date they don't fit, then get rid of them? Good idea? Bad idea? Am I just being a hoarder? haha
Now, I don't think I am a hoarder (but isn't denial the first sign?) but I do want to keep certain things, just cause, or so that one day when/of I have kids they can read the books I read, they can wear the clothes I wore. I've been collecting? Stashing? haha Getting kitchen-y things for the day when I move out and don't have to spend tons of money to furnish my place. Is this smart? Or is it just going to make that move more stressful because I have so much stuff already? I've started buying picture frames because one day I would like to have a ton of awesome frames with cool pictures in them around my house, or on a mantel is some cool decorative way. But should I just be keeping the pictures and wait on the frames? I don't know.

I want to be able to just toss things, but is that being wasteful?

either way, I have been meaning to clean my room for a few days, but then I don't because my sister wants to take her kids swimming, or because my parents want to go to a movie, or because I decide to blog, or because I found a cool new music site, or because I got distracted and now want to buy some new clothes...
what do you think of these three shirts from charlotte russe?

Yeah, I know. I shouldn't be looking to buy new shirts when I still haven't gotten to cleaning my room or getting rid of clothes I actually don't, probably won't, haven't worn in months. But I want new things!

Sorry that my blogs are usually disjointed thoughts... haha

Well, I should get back to cleaning my room.

I told my nephew I couldn't play after swimming yesterday cause I need to clean my room, and he asked why so I fibbed and said Grandma Tracey said so, and he goes, oh she won't let you have any candy if you don't? I say, yes. SO then last night I see him again and he asks if I had cleaned my room, and I said, actually I got distracted by the TV and I didn't. He said, you clean your room or I'll be mad at you! I say, oh okay! and he goes, no, you say Yes Sir! haha what a riot!

But really, going back to cleaning. ...Or catching up on Grey's.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lately I've been feeling blah about lunch, I just can't figure out what is a good lunch... something not too heavy and something nutritious... The other day my mom bought this salsa salad mix, and I loved it.
I recreated it on my own, I just cut up some lettuce or spinach, crushed up some tortilla chips, put a little bit of cheese on it, then spicy ranch dressing and salsa for the dressing! I could eat a whole head of lettuce, a whole bag of spinach this way... which would probably not be all that healthy. But sooo delicious! haha and if you don't have spicy ranch, you could use regular ranch, or sour cream. In the packet my mom bought it was spicy sour cream, which really was sour cream and salsa.
I bet with some cooked chicken it would be good too!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Belle of the Ball

Well yesterday I volunteered at the dance studio, per usual, it being a Wednesday and all. I am suppose to dress up, in slacks or a dress. Typically I wear slacks. But yesterday I was feeling especially blah and decided to wear a dress. I wore my blue Calvin Klien which I got for a steal of a deal, I think it was 20 bucks and originally it was something like 89 or 120. I am not sure, I never could find it online and it didn't actually have a tag, but I do know that Page, a sister of NieNie and CJane, wore it. Proof:

Anywho, how can one girl be tired of her clothing? easy. And I guess yesterday was more a day of feeling blah in everything, so I felt the need to embellish and recreate my clothing.

First off, I've been wanting a chain necklace but all the ones in the stores were not quite right, too bulky, too plain, too hot, too cold, too long, too short, too hard and too soft, I needed one that was juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust right... so I went to JoAnn's and made my own. I bought three different chains and put them together in a matter of minutes, and viola!

So, I wanted to wear my necklace, that has a black chain, dark charcoal kind of a silver or maybe gun metal, and then a bright silver. I enjoy things that contradict just a little, like a Proper Punk. So, chain necklace with baby blue dress!

Then I noticed the dress was a little low, but I didn't want to ruin my hair and take it off and on again, over my head cause it has a silly side zipper... so I found some white lace I had laying around, cut a small section out and safety pinned it to my leotard. (remember, I was going to dance practice)

But I still felt something was missing/ I knew it was cold in the studio and that I didn't really want to wear a jacket so I needed a sweater of sorts. Lucky for me I had bought this half cardigan at walmart for 5 bucks on a whim, since I don't really like the half cardis. But I didn't really like it just being open, or buttoned... so I turned it into a "wrap" with what else? Safety pins!

And when I got to the studio the kids were like... you look like someone... a princess or.. Belle! so now they call me Beauty and I am okay with that!

shoes are rocketdog

this post inspired by a new blog I am loving, Have A Cute Day