Thursday, March 04, 2010

Belle of the Ball

Well yesterday I volunteered at the dance studio, per usual, it being a Wednesday and all. I am suppose to dress up, in slacks or a dress. Typically I wear slacks. But yesterday I was feeling especially blah and decided to wear a dress. I wore my blue Calvin Klien which I got for a steal of a deal, I think it was 20 bucks and originally it was something like 89 or 120. I am not sure, I never could find it online and it didn't actually have a tag, but I do know that Page, a sister of NieNie and CJane, wore it. Proof:

Anywho, how can one girl be tired of her clothing? easy. And I guess yesterday was more a day of feeling blah in everything, so I felt the need to embellish and recreate my clothing.

First off, I've been wanting a chain necklace but all the ones in the stores were not quite right, too bulky, too plain, too hot, too cold, too long, too short, too hard and too soft, I needed one that was juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust right... so I went to JoAnn's and made my own. I bought three different chains and put them together in a matter of minutes, and viola!

So, I wanted to wear my necklace, that has a black chain, dark charcoal kind of a silver or maybe gun metal, and then a bright silver. I enjoy things that contradict just a little, like a Proper Punk. So, chain necklace with baby blue dress!

Then I noticed the dress was a little low, but I didn't want to ruin my hair and take it off and on again, over my head cause it has a silly side zipper... so I found some white lace I had laying around, cut a small section out and safety pinned it to my leotard. (remember, I was going to dance practice)

But I still felt something was missing/ I knew it was cold in the studio and that I didn't really want to wear a jacket so I needed a sweater of sorts. Lucky for me I had bought this half cardigan at walmart for 5 bucks on a whim, since I don't really like the half cardis. But I didn't really like it just being open, or buttoned... so I turned it into a "wrap" with what else? Safety pins!

And when I got to the studio the kids were like... you look like someone... a princess or.. Belle! so now they call me Beauty and I am okay with that!

shoes are rocketdog

this post inspired by a new blog I am loving, Have A Cute Day


Summer said...

You look beautiful~!

Ellen Davenport said...

I am amazed! Super Duper Impressed. I want to do that diagonal cardigan trick.

Linny said...

nice boob shot, lol