Friday, October 21, 2011

UP! House

UP! House in Herriman Utah, for sale!
Above the fireplace
Along the stairs
Sitting in the replica chairs in the living room. Harrison got to wear the hat, glasses with eyebrows, and pose with the cane... I got nothing. haha

So this was maybe the third date that Harrison and I had been on, and we went to the house after having lunch and decided to look around inside. The guy there asked if we wanted to have our picture taken and of course we did! So as we sat he said, you two have to hold hands... and we were like, eh okay... But the story ends well cause now after many dates Harrison is my boyfriend.

Oh but Jenni, how did you meet Harrison?

Well I am glad you asked cause it is kind of a funny story. For the past three years at EFY I have met so many awesome kids and I think, I bet if they had an older brother he would be this awesome too. So I extend an invitation to all of my youth to hook me up with their older brothers. Quite a few of the kids said, hey date my brother! And would send me a link to their facebook but nothing would ever come of it. Until this year when I was telling some of my girls and they were like, well we don't have a brother but he is like our adopted brother and he goes to BYU and he is awesome and you should marry him! And I am like, of course! So then they CALL him right then, and tell him the story and he is kind of laughing on the other end and they get on my facebook to show me his pictures and add him as my friend and he sends me a message with his number and I do the same and then we started texting and nothing really happened. Well then I move to Utah and he calls me up and we talk about going out and we set up a time and had a really fun first date. (Comedy Sports in Provo) and a week or so later he asked me out again and then it kind of became a more consistent thing until this last week when we were seeing each other every night and we finally decided to call ourselves on it and be official. And that's the story of how Harrison is now my boyfriend.



Well I love to take pictures of nature as we all know, and I have been slacking lately. Because since I moved to Utah to start Grad School I have gotten a job! I work in an elementary school as a teacher's assistant which means I help in Math, Language Arts, and writing and reading workshops in the 5th and 6th grade classes.  We are reading, The Power of Un, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, and Sixth Grade Secrets. It is usually a pretty fun thing to do... but sometimes the kids are so difficult to work with because they hate math and for some reason have given up already.  What is is with the younger kids that figured out they can NOT do things? I never knew that was an option, but my brother sure did. I just don't understand... what has contributed to this? Is there something to be blamed?

Ah well, that's a different topic for a different day. It is Fall around here and boy is it pretty! I have been making sure to take my camera with me since I don't have much time to go scouting for pictures. (Which I NEED and really want to do. Makes me miss my photo friend in Washington who would go out on day long photo adventures, and my friend in Oregon who walked around Portland with me before a concert and we share all of our pictures and editing techniques, I need to send him more stuff! haha) Anyway, As I drive to work I have been passing this old corn field or something that has a TON of geese in it that are migrating or something, and if the speed limit weren't 60 and there weren't a million cars on the highway, I would take a picture. But instead think of Fly Away Home and you'll see what I see. Well, some things I have captured thus far.... 

I loved this purple with the yellow in the background

I loved the gradation, how all of the leaves where right here and further out they were less and then it is just green grass holding on for as long as it can before fall takes over...

Sunflowers with the Sun behind it...
Birds flying over a field

Shadow from the tree it fell from... just in a parking lot. I love it.
View from a hike up Ensign Peak, so beautiful!
I just liked all the leaves and was working on a macro shot, but I LOVE this.