Thursday, January 27, 2011

So I just saw a commercial for Dentyne gum ( where it said the average person has 28 first kisses.

This new information is making me think a lot about my "new years resolution" of last year, to not kiss anyone for a year...which I failed. And so now I am considering trying to hit the 28 mark. haha... It is an interesting thing though, the other day I was watching a show, How I Met Your Mother I think... where Robyn had decided she was fed up with dating, and was going to focus on her career and they guys were like, oooh you are so getting married! You know how it is when you hear all those stories (cuing up He's Just Not That Into You to keep myself in check...) I also remember this gal in Rexburg who was 18 and her sister had a goal or had done this... go on a date with 100 guys before she got married and this gal who was 18 was super adorable and every boy was in love with her and she was trying to do the same thing but then got snatched up.

So part of my mentality is to try to kiss 28 guys... so that in my quest I may get a boyfriend? Too lame? Eh either way I like kissing... but have not been asked out this year yet.

Sigh, My attempt was to be funny and clever and I end up being all self pity-ing.

Also, why is it I can write two blogs today and not my essay? Haha.
Ladies Night! So these new girls moved into the area and we all found out that we get along and love to dance. So... we decided to go out dancing, and we chose to go on 80's night. It was awesome!

Except no one dressed up like 80's except us...

Some pre-clubbin' events were to eat pizza, drink "throw-back" Mt Dew and watch 13 Going on 30! We all jumped up and danced along to Pat Benatar's Love Is A Battlefield, it was a great warm up for the night and we had a blast dancing along to 80's tunes with the occasional 90's jam!

PS. I don't know how to link... (I mean I still don't know how to make titles) But here are my friends blogs.

Current Favorite Artist: The Like
Book to Read: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks and Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ok, it isn't quite finished... but please edit and help!



(Statement of Purpose)

1. What stimulated your interest in school counseling as a career?

2. What do you consider to be the current role of the school counselor?

3. What personal qualities do you possess that you believe would contribute to your effectiveness as a counselor?

4. What causes you to be interested in the program at WWU?

Please attach your answers to this sheet and complete the bottom of this form.

You may also attach any additional information that you consider to be relevant to your application, including a professional résumé and/or statement of interest.

I remember meeting with the school counselor in elementary school. She provided direction and support and also took the time to talk about friends and play games. The career segments directed by the counselor in Junior high I recall the career segment we had with the school counselor which included one of those personality aptitude tests, that is suppose to inspire future goals. The High School Counselor helped me attend the “Running Start Program’ where I received college credits for high school and college without having to go to high school anymore. And in college my counselor helped me to grow and figure out what I wanted to do in life. Each of those counselors had something in common, giving me an opportunity to grow. Along with giving me opportunities, they also helped encourage and give me a desire to do better and do more. A school counselor is a supporter of students and an academic coach. Each counselor I interacted with was a great listener. I often found myself being the roommate and friend that people would confide in and I enjoyed being able to help them through some of their challenges. I sought after more opportunities for this, in internships at a middle school and high school as well as through teaching dance and as being a youth counselor at a summer camp. I found that through those experiences the best way to be an effective counselor is to be patient and understanding without being pushy or trying to solve problems for the people I was working with. By being a good reflective listener and encouraging them to find solutions and make goals I was best able to help them.

I first thought of being a school counselor as I was applying for college and needed to declare a major. I had taken a psychology class on human relationships at the community college during high school and was riveted by what I was learning and thought what better way to spend the next four years of my life than by being excited to learn everyday? I then thought of what jobs a psychology major would lead to and thought of how much I enjoy working with youth. At the time I was merely 18 and did enjoy working with my peers. Over the years since then I have obviously gotten older, but still prefer working with the ages of 13-18. I think it is because of their excitement about the future, the majority of them have an optimistic demeanor and are eager to find their future and find who they are. I really do enjoy helping people realize their passions and encourage them to do so and find ways to help that drive them. I love to schedule things and tend to be organized. It was always exciting for me to schedule my classes and help my friends create their schedules.

Part of my interest to Western is the classes that are required and the link the program has to other aspects of psychology. Some programs seem to focus on one area, which is great but to keep well rounded and aware of what is going on it is better to reach outside and keep aware of things that are going on around us. I also love the Bellingham area, it is so beautiful and rich in culture and activities. I believe that Western will give me the tools I need to be a great counselor and better person and citizen in the different areas of my life.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well after some studying (not always everyday and never for the same amount of time...oops) I took the Gre!
I got a 450 on Verbal and 490 on Quantitative! I must wait for my essay scores.

My scores are a little below average... but hey. I finally took the freaking test for $160.
Application to Western is due by Feb 1st... so I am waiting on my last two letters of recommendation to trickle in... and I need to finish writing my personal essay. I have a very rough draft done...

Please write a brief essay answering the following questions and requests for information:

1. What stimulated your interest in school counseling as a career?
2. What do you consider to be the current role of the school counselor?
3. What personal qualities do you possess that you believe would contribute to your effectiveness as a counselor?
4. What causes you to be interested in the program at WWU?

I first decided I wanted to go into psychology for school counseling it was after I had taken a class on human relationships and looking into options for a bachelors degree.

What made you decide (sparked)

I have always preferred working with youth to any other age group because …..

I find myself attracted to school counseling because of the opportunity to work one on one with youth daily and to help them realize and achieve new goals and find success in their lives daily, which I believe to be the current role of the school counselor. The things day to day a counselor will do.

I thought that in the future if I ever wanted to have a family, this would be a good career that I could be able to raise a family and work and have those two relate to one another.

I am a patient and understanding person, optimistic, inventive, with a love of learning and a strong moral compass. These are some of the qualities are required for the youth of this day and will help me to aid them in their strivings for success.

Looking through the required classes for the masters program at WWU I think that it matches well with my goals of what I need to learn to become an effective counselor and will challenge me so that I can grow.

Current experiences with youth. Camp, internships. Why you enjoyed these opportunities.. How you helped. What you got out of it.

But now my thoughts can be turned towards...
80's dance night Thursday night!
Hockey Friday Night!
Photoshooting Saturday Morning?
Laser Tag and YSA dance Saturday night!
Getting my hair did. (Not too sure how I want it done, but in Europe I WILL dye it pink.)
Which brings me to... EUROPE TRIP!!!! W0000000000! (Feb 27-March 14!!!)
I hope to take pictures (of me) like this in Europe!

And all of those mean, PICTURES!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

didn't really study today due to working two jobs at odd times, poor planning, and saying bye to a good friend who is moving out of the state for a while... annnnd beating him and our other bestie at Risk 2210. :) yeyuh!! Priorities? come on!

better luck tomorrow when I don't work in the evening and my dad will be home, maybe we will do some math together!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Well I did slightly worse in my math for the day... I got 13 answers correct and 17 incorrect.
What I need to do is study in the book of how to understand what the question is actually asking since they don't really want you to solve for the answer.

oh my brain hurts...

Post Edit
Then I studied some more and asked my dad for some Math help. It was kind of nice, and I felt like I was learning... so I did another practice test and got 16 right and 14 wrong! An improvement, not to mention I didn't use scratch paper so that hindered me... and I was (am) laying in bed, so those factors make a difference. Here's to hoping for better scores tomorrow... and I will do some verbal tomorrow as well... eeks...

Monday, January 03, 2011


Well, as the new year has arrived I have tried to be a little more daring...
I have tried to apply to take the GRE... and I have already practiced for the test.
My attempt to take the GRE is to happen on the 17th. Just a few days away really...
So, here is my score for the day, Quantitative 280 Verbal 360
I got 16 questions wrong in each section.

So, in order to keep up with my studying, I plan on submitting my scores daily. Boring for you, but hopefully I will add some fun stories of the goingons in my life.

I won't be taking full practice tests everyday either, but I don't really know how to study for this thing... so any advice is gladly appreciated! And, if anyone wants to pay for a massage for after the test, I'd LOVE that... Thanks!