Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've noticed an interesting habit of mine... naming things. Like my electronics, Dylan, Henry, Landon, Edward, DJiPod, Nicholas...
But I also name some of my clothing.

The Loralie Dress (which I don't really know why... I am not a big fan of Gilmore Girls, but for some reason this dress makes me think of that show.)

as seen on me in this photo

The Julia Roberts

for obvious reasons...

The Ugly Skirt (just because of the color really... but I love it!!)

which has always reminded me of this green skirt from West Side Story...

The Ten Dollar Dress

(not very clever... but I was shopping with my brother and he found this dress and it was only ten dollars! I was very excited.)

THE Little Black Dress

on me...

The Librarian Skirt

I'm not set on this name... but for now, The Graduation Dress

made famous in this picture...

The ones I do not have names for...

The one Rachel made for me with the fabric I fell in love with and sent to her:

Sunday, December 27, 2009

White Christmas 2009