Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, we all know that I have a tendency to stalk people.

And occasionally ex-boyfriends. does it suck to accidentally stalk an ex and find out they're engaged... yeah, the one who said he would never get married.

Looking at my history with guys, I have noticed I've done a lot of silly things for guys... gone out of my way and tried to get their attention.

...this isn't a pity entry... honest. It just is so weird. I've done all those silly things to try to "change" a guy, to be the girl from all the romantic comedies who ends up getting the guy to want to marry her (27 dresses, he's just not that into you, etc) and it hasn't happened for me yet.

I am positive that one day I might be that girl. I am not too worried about not getting married... the when part is occasionally frustrating, but no big deal. It just sucks to have invested so much in people to not be able to show anything for it.

And then to find out that the ones who were so against marriage are finally getting married (to a girl three years younger than me [and who made a reference to twilight on her blog, when you called me crazy for reading twilight and you said you'd never date a girl who did! though I don't know if she read or likes the books... but still on principle that she made a reference to it]) stings a little. Even though I am totally over him!

I will always try to be the girl who is the exception to the rule, and not the rule. It's just who I am, no matter how cynical I pretend to be.

blah. it's just weird is all.