Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ahh Seattle... You are beautiful.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

what I wore: second date

peacock button up shirt: nordstrom sum/fall 09
jeans: old navy
shoes: rocket dog dsw spring 10
necklace: target!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Do you love how I will post 5 new posts in one day and nothing for months? ...yeah... me too.

I can't get over this song, I have have to listen to it over and over and over and over and over again! The beginning is a little weird, I don't understand the noises... but the song... oh man!


but for some reason my computer's speakers stopped working... it is bothering me quite a bit.

On another note: I just bought this necklace but I don't know if it is really ME or not.
It is a camera, with rhinestones! And a suitcase! But I don't know if I am a long necklace with random objects girl...

Local Natives also have a song called Camera Talk. ilovethem. :)
My camera does panoramic views and here are some shots I've done recently...

Seattle Skyline from Gasworks Parks in May with Sarah and Jordan Wagner and Trevor Brown

Seattle Skyline from my bike ride on Alki with Sam Acuna in July

TriCities view from a hike with Ryan Mears in July

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flower Boy

So, as I mentioned, I got asked out and went on a date where we rode bikes and ate thai and went to a concert. When he asked me out, was after Sunday School right before Relief Society and my face when bright red. I was wearing this outfit though... so I can't blame him. ;)

Well, after that I was going back to EFY and he said, maybe I'll write you a letter and I was shocked and said that would be amazing...

turns out he one upped himself... and sent flowers. A dozen red roses.... I was overwhelmed! I actually burst into tears when I saw it. A little bit because I wanted them to be from the merecat.
I think that since I had kissed the merecat, my emotions were definitely more there than anywhere else. But I was flattered and they were beautiful and he wrote a cute letter with them, saying he had taken a fancy to me and that he hoped this gesture wasn't too much but that it showed he was thinking of me.

Well, backpack now refers to flowerboy as , the one who is super in love with you. Flowers doesn't know about the merecat.

Do I date them both and see who wins? Well Flowers is moving back to provo soon.
Merecat is moving back to rexburg.

Whist typing this flowers just asked me out for tomorrow night... but through texting... kind of lame...

I need to be more open minded and give him a chance

...but I want it to be merecat!

what is it about the chase that is so desirable?
People wearing Mear-cat backpacks... Part 2.

How did he convince me to visit? Well his birthday had been the Monday before, and we were texting non-stop, serious we would pass out because we were texting so late at night. So we decide we will go hiking and do fun things and it was better than sitting, bored, alone at our houses.

So I meet his mom, sister and bro, oh man I love them. So funny, full of energy and just sweet people.

We went hiking and talked a lot, we went and played mini-golf and we made a bet that loser had to do what the winner wanted... so I ended up kissing him.
Then we went swimming and went back to his house and we made dinner and while we were cooking we started kissing again, this time for reals. I have always been an advocate for cooking with my future spouse because I think it can be romantic, and like the book, Like Water For Chocolate, I think emotions can be put into the food... that like that one movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar -- Simply Irresistible, that you can taste that the food has been made with happiness and joy and excitement. So we cooked. and the kitchen heated up.

Then his family came home and we ate dinner and played games and watched movies together and the next day I went home. And we continued to talk nonstop.

The next week was week 5 of EFY and the flirting was still there, but there had been a date I went on Friday night with whom we call Flower boy, for reasons that will be explained later...
And it was a blast! He taught me how to ride a bike, we ate Thai, and then we went to a concert! It was fun, but by the end I was so tired!

Backpack had a small complex about how much fun I had with him vs Flowerboy and asked me if I liked Flowerboy better because in a facebook picture my smile looked bigger than when he and I had gone hiking.

--I should mention that since the merecat had broken up with his girlfriend he had decided to date a lot of girls, try to 31 flavor challenge and he suggested I do the same, that it would either bring us together or we would find someone else. But as soon as I got asked on a date he got jealous, and when I left his house to go home to go on the date he was jealous.. haha
(now that I am typing all of this I feel so silly and that this is lame... arg.)

yada yada, that week passed and was slightly uneventful... we hung out on the weekend a little bit and then he got super sick and was sent home and I got sick and everyone thought he had gotten me sick but I don't really think so....

Anyway, he has been on dates with other girls but he still talks to me a lot, and we are legit best friends. He invited me to come back to visit him in two weeks for the fair, and he just invited me to go camping with him and his family next week. So... he keeps inviting me to family functions, like you would a girlfriend, and he talks /flirts with me like we are dating... but he also says things like, our friendship is my greatest concern and makes it clear that he considers me a friend but wants benefits of dating but wants to be dating others

and I get that... I mean he needs time to chill since he just broke up with whatsherface... and he will be going back to rexburg and I will be staying here so distance... but man... we are awesome together.

So I just need to get back to watching he's just not that into you
cause otherwise I talk myself into thinking we are dating and we are not.
We are best friends, and I am the rule.
If I were the exception he wouldn't be able to wait to date all these other girls, he would just want to date me.

So, am I cursed to be the best friend?

(I didn't mean for this post to end up on a sad self-pity-ing note...)
People wearing Mear-cat backpacks...

Remember in the past how I have written some stories about my awful dating experiences and I always give the guys a code name to protect their identity? Well, time for a new one... although hopefully this one doesn't turn into an awful dating experience?

This summer I met, well re-met since I met him last year, an EFY counselor who over the course of the summer got nicknamed People, Back Pack, and "Mear"cat... clever names I know.

Last year he had a girlfriend so I ignored him. Not true, though I only worked half a week with him and hardly knew him, so basically.

This year I meet him, and again a girlfriend... a different one from last year. ...but then he broke up with her.
And we were co-counselors. And our kids tried to set us up... He would try to make me blush in a new way every day, nay, every time he saw me.

Thus started out friendship, full of laughter and fun and poking fun at the other.
We had a good time as co's, it was easy for us to talk and he was so great with the kids, he really gave them everything he had.

Well, that weekend after the week of being co's was the 4th of July. I had to go get my hair re-done cause the roots were disgusting me. I knew he wanted to go to the aquarium and I wanted to as well.

Turns out he waited for me and we were texting the whole time... we ended up going to Seattle with a group of people but the aquarium had closed. after that we all went to Bremerton or somewhere ridiculously far away for fireworks, which was fun. I noticed the Merecat kept standing next to me, but I didn't think anything about it. After the fireworks we walked back to his car, and the people who drove out with us decided to get into a different car, so we were alone.
This is when he asked what the chances were of me saying yes to him asking me out, and I said. Are you asking me out. And he said, yes will you go on a date with me next week and I said, I'd like that!

We then proceeded to play 20 questions as we got stuck in terrible 4th traffic, but we were having a great time chatting.

The next day at church he was flirting with me like crazy! He loved the dress I wore, which we now call the "Purrfect" Dress, that or Kitty.

Yada yada, the next week he tried even harder to make me blush which wasn't that hard when he knew I liked him and it was a new group of girls. haha

Every night we would text for a long time, and one time he called and we talked for a real long time which surprised me cause normally I hate talking on the phone, but it is fun with him.

So that, the 3rd week of EFY was over and it was time to drive down to Portland for week 4. some devious friends, they took my car and I drove down with him. We talked, we sang, oh we sang love ballads to each other! When we got down there we went to the beach and took some silly pictures, like this... for our set of EFY kids to think they had succeeded.
(PS, I do not know what is goin on with my badunkadunk, but it looks ca-razy.)

Once we got back from the beach we realized we were feeling sick and really tired, but decided to still do part of our date anyway--we were going to get chinese and go star gazing but we ended up eating peanut butter and pretzel m&ms on a field and chatting. We talk so easy, about anything, nothing, and everything.

well then, that 4th week I had some kids who dubbed his nickname, Backpack. They actually were kids of mine from last year, and they were happy I was there but sad I wasn't married and said, we will set you up with the next guy that walks by, and it just so happened to be him! And he was wearing his backpack... so... backpack.

But later I was talking to my friend about him and the whole situation and I didn't want to use names in front of her kids, so I said, People.

Anyway, then we flirted like crazy on the weekend but he left to go on a date, and after his date and when I was home, we texted from Saturday afternoon til Thursday morning... when I got to his house cause he convinced me to come visit.

(congrats for reading this far. hope its not too boring... but I just had a friend who suggested I journal it down either for Future Jenni or for my future kids. so...)
I love photography, I've never taken a class in it... and I haven't developed it too much... but I try to find moments. I sometimes see what others do and I try to imitate... but lately I've been feeling like I need more shots of myself. So I have been dabbling in the self portrait... and here we have Angelic
and Devious