Friday, March 09, 2012

Eleven Things

I was shocked to see my name as a tagged person to answer this list of questions off my friend's blog!
Here are the questions she asked me:
1. Worst/best/awkward date story?
Worst: Longest date ever... I was in Canada with my mom in May 2009. We went to visit my grandma, but we stay with my moms best friends from high school. They have a son my age, and he had a friend that had moved in. While there my mom and I went shopping and I got the BEST LBD. Anyway, this roommate guy, named Dane for privacy. He asked if I wanted to go out one night I was there, and I thought, sure. So it was a Saturday, we went to a carnival mid day. Which was alright, kind of fun. Then we went to a movie. Afterwards, I was a little bit ready to be done. He said, hey, you went shopping and got a new dress right? We should dress up and go out to dinner! I said, uhm okay (cause I didn't know how to say no.) So we went back and got dressed, I had to dry shave. We went driving around trying to find a restaurant, which was closed...and instead he took us to the pier, and he made us walk on the rocks. It was about 9 or 10 and cold, and salty... which was GREAT on my dry shaven legs. (not). He then said, lets go play pool! So we did. THEN he said, okay lets drive around and look at stars. We parked near the beach, and he was trying to find music for us to listen to. I am falling asleep at this time and really wanted to go home. He kept trying to make a move and I kept yawning and he never caught on... finally I said, I am quite tired... and he took us back. Once we got back he wanted to cuddle and I said, actually I need to sleep we have to leave tomorrow and I need to help my mom drive. (lie.) Well he went to his room and I slept on the couch, and in the morning I woke up to someone pushing me and saying, scoot over, and I realized he woke up at 6 and was trying to cuddle! He then said, lets go out to breakfast and I said No! (cause when you're tired you can be grumpy) well I woke up later when my mom woke me up and said you have some hot coco and a doughnut, but it is time to leave! (Finally!!!) And that is for sure my worst date. Also, a few weeks later I was flying to Texas for a wedding and he had texted me saying, hey I am thinking about coming to Seattle this weekend for a concert want to go, And I said, nope I am out of town.  Also, he had been facebooking my best friend trying to get an idea of what to get me for my birthday and she texted me saying he is thinking about surprising you by coming to Seattle is that something you'd like? and I said, NO! I can't stand this guy! I don't know why he thinks I am interested! And, a few months later he got engaged to some random girl and is now married and facebooked me one night and said I would have chosen you... YIKES!

2. Dream vacation?Lately I have been thinking it would be really neat to have unlimited time and funds and just drive all over the country and visit all of my friends and family and stay with them until I feel like it is time to move on and go be with someone else.  
3. What do you like best about yourself?I am pretty quick witted, and I really enjoy being the funny one...
4. Tell me about a time your heart was broken.This is a story of a broken heart in a happy way; I have two nephews who are almost 6 and 4. I was talking to the older one on the phone a few weeks ago and he asked if I could come over, I live 16 hours away and said no... he said, but I haven't seen you in days! I said, I know, I wish I could! He said, it feels like I haven't seen you in 500 years! (heart... break!) And again today, the younger one asked if I could come over to place baseball. So cute!
5. If you could do anything in the whole wide world what would it be?I would travel and take photos, I would listen to music while I bake all day (everything off of pinterest of course), and get paid to eat and sleep! Also, dance. I always want to dance! (which really means perform)
6. First movie star crush?Leonardo DiCaprio or Devin Sawa.
7. Favorite holiday and why?
Thanksgiving, gluttony is acceptable and the food! Oh the food! And sitting around the table chatting...

8. Guilty pleasure?
Eating, and watching America's Next Top Model as well as Grey's Anatomy and the movie Heartbreakers.

9. Secret wish?
That I could eat forever without gaining weight... and that I could stop time and teleport. (why am I so greedy? I feel like I should have answered this with world peace or something...)

10. Fashion Icon? 
Hmm! This is a tricky one.. I am a very eclectic person in fashion... so I love some retro stuff and really find myself just noting different items from different people... for example: Meryl Streep in It's Complicated wore a metal ring that looked like it was wrapped on her finger, and I went and found one myself! Sometimes it will just be someone one the street I see with a scarf that I like and I will find one like it, but I also kind of feel like I have made some trends happen, like my 1960's prom dress I had made in 2001, and then for the next three years that was the hot item... But I can't really think of one person that I feel like I look to for my fashion guidance...
11. Best day ever story?
Talking to Shawn Fisher about how I was about to graduate in a month and he said, but you've never been on tour! And our next tour is to Russia, you should stay... So we figured a way to get me to stay and I auditioned and made the team! Every performance was the best day ever, being in Russia was the best day ever, (sorry I was not always in the best mood ever), also... I should be having a new best day ever story soon... :) 

Rules are, I am suppose to tell you 11 other random things about me..
1. I am super sad to say that I haven't picked up my camera in months. This is not good.
2. I love to travel. I've been to Russia, Ireland, Scotland, France, England, Wales, Canada.
3. I am half Canadian, and sometimes when I go visit my family there I will start talking like them...
4. I once bought a scratch ticket and won 5 bucks! I then proceeded to buy 5 more and lost it all. It was encouraged by my brother.
5. I love watching movies and actually really love going to the theatre by myself... I also love to spell it theatre and not theater. 

6. I sometimes wish people dressed up to go to the movies, and actually get kind of sad or upset when people go to live productions and do not dress up.
7. I love to reorganize my purse. All.The.Time. 
8. My boyfriend and I have made a goal to kiss in every state. So far we have Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. 
9. It seems to be that whenever I buy a new pair of jeans I can only wear them and I wonder how I lived life without them and what did I wear before my life with them?
10. I love to drink tea.

11. I just got a new computer and I am loving it! So much faster than my old one... and beautiful. 

Questions I am asking:
1. What is something you well tell the teenage you if you could send her a message?
2. Where do you want to travel to?

3. Favorite band/musician?
4. Do you remember a time before cell phones, and do you wish life was like that again?
5. What is your fear of being a parent?
6. Why is your best friend your best friend?
7. Do you remember your junior high school crushes?
8. Favorite fragrance for a man?
9. Best gift you ever gave/received?
10. Are you satisfied with how your life has turned out?/how did you think life would be for you now when you were 15?
11. What is your favorite memory of me?

Who I would like to answer...
MadamBadass III


And of course any of you other readers! just leave me a note saying you answered!