Friday, November 23, 2012

Some News

Well I've been bitten.
I am not entirely sure how it has happened... but I want to do genealogy work so bad! I am realizing that I know nothing about my grandfather and suddenly HAVE TO KNOW.
Unfortunately... It is so difficult to get information when you don't know anything! Especially when its out of the country... My grandfather was born in Wales and lived in Canada.

If any of you have tips and tricks let me know... I'd prefer free things because it seems like any website I go to to purchase a birth certificate has me typing in the info that would be printed and not giving me anything more. And I haven't figured out how to look at census information.


Sunday, November 04, 2012

Wedding Advice (unsolisited)

A friend of mine is working on a bridal magazine and has a section about advice from brides to anticipating brides, and I thought I would write my responses to some questions as well as some advice I have, things that worked well for my wedding, things I liked, etc.

Former brides have any advice on what they wish they knew before they got married, to give to future brides? I believe all brides should look like themselves on their wedding, so that they look like themselves in the photos… that said, I do think that false eyelashes are a must. I hadn’t remembered that in the rush of everything, and the photos of me before eyelashes are blah and you can’t see my eyes as well, they aren’t very defined. The photos after I got my falsies put on are much better. 

What wedding traditions are the most important to keep, and if the reception is worth it?  A tradition I kept was the cake cutting, but instead of having it near the end of the reception, it was how we kicked off the reception, that way people were able to eat cake all night leaving us with less left overs to worry about!

Do the bride's parents still pay for the wedding?  I was slightly nontraditional, having two receptions… but either way our parents split the cost for both.

Are fresh flowers a necessity for center pieces?  I had my heart set on real fresh flowers… but leading up to the wedding it wasn’t working out in the budget, at least the florists I was talking to were not interested in working with my budget, so I went with handmade fabric flowers for $100, three bouquets, 14 boutonnieres and pins. My center pieces were buckets with candy, edible for my guests and went with my whimsical theme. I think it is more important to go with your theme.

Should we invest in both a wedding and candid photographer?  I had a photographer, whom I had talked with beforehand and she had printed up little cards with pictures I had said I NEEDED, so she could flip through and not forget the day of what photos we needed to do. I think that in this digital day and age, it is not necessary to have a candid photographer because so many of your friends and family will probably do it for ya. But, you need to decide how important the pictures are to you, because it might be worth it to use more of your budget in the photography section than others.

Are bridal parties even used? In the LDS culture the bridal party seems to be more a formality for fun photos. It is nice to have a maid of honor or a friend picked to help you throughout the day, like to make sure you eat or have water or repin your hair, do the little things that you might forget or not have time to remember to do.

And as far receptions go, it seems to me like the husband and bride didn't even want to be at the reception. So, why go through the effort? Decide that yourself, for me it was something I wanted, I had finally gotten married and wanted the world to know and to party with me! I had a blast at my reception and actually wished we could have stayed longer, been a part of the photo booth we had set up a little more, dance more, eat more food! My dad had offered to just give us money instead of having a reception, but for me it was what I wanted.

Toss Bouquet: I tossed a pair of sunglasses that said “Bachelorette.” It was funny and a lot cheaper than a toss bouquet that the catcher probably ends up throwing out anyway…

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Home Pins I've Done

Pins for the home I've attempted...

This worked... but I don't know if there is a better way to break open the thick plastic.

I like that my drawer space if saved by putting my tights on a hanger!

I've done this with all of the appliances we got for our wedding, so we don't have any receipts to go with it, but I still think it's a great idea to keep them organized and out of the way.

I liked this sugar scrub, but I think it made too much, perhaps I could put it in a jar and mix it up again for future reference.

I did this but just used my acetone on a cotton ball and it came off right away!!

Food Pins I've tried

Food Pins I've made

I enjoyed this Quesadilla, my Husband and I are obsessed with Buffalo wings right now... so this was an obvious choice for us! I was unsure with the recipe because it doesn't have any measurements. I ended up doing a few tablespoons of ranch (And I only had spicy ranch on hand but I liked it!) and maybe a tablespoon on Frank's Red Hot sauce. Win!

These jalapeno poppers are amazing! Very light and not very spicy.

Grilled Mac and Cheese Sandwich... love it! I did this before I saw the pin! I also added hot sauce and a piece of ham.

I tried these but used olive oil... FAIL.

I loved these smashed potatoes! I haven't quite perfected how to smash them though.

Also tricky, but good too

I liked this sneaky way of adding vegetables in! It was difficult to cut for me and I wasn't sure how to make it keep it's shape.

Healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth! I tried the chocolate one, loved it. I am considering trying another!

I made the apple peanut butter sandwich, I liked it but wished there was a way to keep my hands from getting all appley!

This shake is delicious, and my skeptic husband who hates cottage cheese and spinach liked it! I didn't add any of the obscure things and it turned out just fine!

I used regular protein powder, and the Husband is a BIG fan of this one! I could eat it every day. I love the cinnamon in it, and the peanut butter is awesome. I sometimes used regular peanut butter and thought that was good too! The husband likes to add coco powder to it as well.

Dessert Pins I've Tried

Dessert Pins I've tried (Since you are all wondering I'm sure...)

Holy Mother of Chocolate Cake (with hot coco instead of coffee, made too long ago to remember... need to make again!)
Insanely Chocolate Chocolate Cake (which I have renamed Snickerdoodle Cake [FAVORITE!])
Give Them What They Want Double Fudge Cake (I liked the pepper in here and that's why I wanted to try it. It ends up being very fudgy which I realize is in the title... but I wasn't expecting.)

I liked this fruit dip, it was light and peanut buttery enough, but I think I added some more powdered sugar to bump up the flavor a little more.

I love Snicker Salad! I also like to add more things... like Rolo's and Milky Ways.

Slutty Brownies... These are decadent! Super good though... I made everything by scratch so it took forever and I kind of wished I had had box mixes to speed up the time spent making these.

I liked these, but for me the flavor wasn't there. Maybe if I added some vanilla extract? I don't know. My aunt and Husband both thought they could taste the cake batter... but I wanted more! I think the sprinkles are fun, but I would add them after you have poured the rice krispies out and then pat the sprinkles on top.

This pumpkin dip is a great thing for fall! I'd maybe also add some caramel on top!

I made this recipe! And love the cookies!

I made these with Dr Pepper and enjoyed them, they are more porous than dense which is more typical for brownies.

Source: via Dawn on Pinterest

I loved making my own marshmallows! They are messy and I don't know how someone would use a cookie cutter and get them to come out so well... but I loved it! They are SOO fluffy!

I made some form of these bacon chocolate chip cookies. They weren't bad. I would forget they had bacon until I bit into a chocolate chip and it was chewy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wedding Website

For updates, information, and more photos about the upcoming wedding go to:

Thursday, May 24, 2012


As you know, Harrison and I are getting married!

Here are a few links to the places we are registered...

We are currently looking into information for how to add our honeymoon to this... haha

Saturday, May 19, 2012

In Time Out

Engagement Photo Shoot Take 1

So last week on Mother's day Harrison and I were able to do a whole video conference thing with his family as they talked to his brother Zach Collier (look him up on iTunes) who is on a mission for the LDS church. As we are all chatting, his family kept forgetting we were watching via the iPad and kept turning us toward the ceiling. We took this time to start kissing cause hey, they can't see us. 

All of a sudden we hear, Hey! Cut it out! You two are in time out!!!

Turns out they could see us cause our camera hadn't moved... we just couldn't see them.  Oops! It was fun, and especially nice to have gotten this note in the email Elder Zach Collier sent the next day....
"I think Jenni is a perfect fit for our family. I'm glad Harrison found her. They look so happy together. I didn't mind the kissing haha I figured he deserved it. =) I was just giving them a hard time. I loved how Dad kept putting them in time out. Hahahah!"

 I use this story to preface the next picture... if you are squeamish or easily disturbed by kissing photos... that was your warning!
More photos to come, these were from a pre-engagement photo shoot. Do you know how difficult it is to have your engagements done? Oy...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Books to Read

Looking for a place to read fun reviews on books?!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Wedding Dress Conundrum...



"Princess Pockets"
I need help deciding which dress to buy! Please weigh in.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Eleven Things

I was shocked to see my name as a tagged person to answer this list of questions off my friend's blog!
Here are the questions she asked me:
1. Worst/best/awkward date story?
Worst: Longest date ever... I was in Canada with my mom in May 2009. We went to visit my grandma, but we stay with my moms best friends from high school. They have a son my age, and he had a friend that had moved in. While there my mom and I went shopping and I got the BEST LBD. Anyway, this roommate guy, named Dane for privacy. He asked if I wanted to go out one night I was there, and I thought, sure. So it was a Saturday, we went to a carnival mid day. Which was alright, kind of fun. Then we went to a movie. Afterwards, I was a little bit ready to be done. He said, hey, you went shopping and got a new dress right? We should dress up and go out to dinner! I said, uhm okay (cause I didn't know how to say no.) So we went back and got dressed, I had to dry shave. We went driving around trying to find a restaurant, which was closed...and instead he took us to the pier, and he made us walk on the rocks. It was about 9 or 10 and cold, and salty... which was GREAT on my dry shaven legs. (not). He then said, lets go play pool! So we did. THEN he said, okay lets drive around and look at stars. We parked near the beach, and he was trying to find music for us to listen to. I am falling asleep at this time and really wanted to go home. He kept trying to make a move and I kept yawning and he never caught on... finally I said, I am quite tired... and he took us back. Once we got back he wanted to cuddle and I said, actually I need to sleep we have to leave tomorrow and I need to help my mom drive. (lie.) Well he went to his room and I slept on the couch, and in the morning I woke up to someone pushing me and saying, scoot over, and I realized he woke up at 6 and was trying to cuddle! He then said, lets go out to breakfast and I said No! (cause when you're tired you can be grumpy) well I woke up later when my mom woke me up and said you have some hot coco and a doughnut, but it is time to leave! (Finally!!!) And that is for sure my worst date. Also, a few weeks later I was flying to Texas for a wedding and he had texted me saying, hey I am thinking about coming to Seattle this weekend for a concert want to go, And I said, nope I am out of town.  Also, he had been facebooking my best friend trying to get an idea of what to get me for my birthday and she texted me saying he is thinking about surprising you by coming to Seattle is that something you'd like? and I said, NO! I can't stand this guy! I don't know why he thinks I am interested! And, a few months later he got engaged to some random girl and is now married and facebooked me one night and said I would have chosen you... YIKES!

2. Dream vacation?Lately I have been thinking it would be really neat to have unlimited time and funds and just drive all over the country and visit all of my friends and family and stay with them until I feel like it is time to move on and go be with someone else.  
3. What do you like best about yourself?I am pretty quick witted, and I really enjoy being the funny one...
4. Tell me about a time your heart was broken.This is a story of a broken heart in a happy way; I have two nephews who are almost 6 and 4. I was talking to the older one on the phone a few weeks ago and he asked if I could come over, I live 16 hours away and said no... he said, but I haven't seen you in days! I said, I know, I wish I could! He said, it feels like I haven't seen you in 500 years! (heart... break!) And again today, the younger one asked if I could come over to place baseball. So cute!
5. If you could do anything in the whole wide world what would it be?I would travel and take photos, I would listen to music while I bake all day (everything off of pinterest of course), and get paid to eat and sleep! Also, dance. I always want to dance! (which really means perform)
6. First movie star crush?Leonardo DiCaprio or Devin Sawa.
7. Favorite holiday and why?
Thanksgiving, gluttony is acceptable and the food! Oh the food! And sitting around the table chatting...

8. Guilty pleasure?
Eating, and watching America's Next Top Model as well as Grey's Anatomy and the movie Heartbreakers.

9. Secret wish?
That I could eat forever without gaining weight... and that I could stop time and teleport. (why am I so greedy? I feel like I should have answered this with world peace or something...)

10. Fashion Icon? 
Hmm! This is a tricky one.. I am a very eclectic person in fashion... so I love some retro stuff and really find myself just noting different items from different people... for example: Meryl Streep in It's Complicated wore a metal ring that looked like it was wrapped on her finger, and I went and found one myself! Sometimes it will just be someone one the street I see with a scarf that I like and I will find one like it, but I also kind of feel like I have made some trends happen, like my 1960's prom dress I had made in 2001, and then for the next three years that was the hot item... But I can't really think of one person that I feel like I look to for my fashion guidance...
11. Best day ever story?
Talking to Shawn Fisher about how I was about to graduate in a month and he said, but you've never been on tour! And our next tour is to Russia, you should stay... So we figured a way to get me to stay and I auditioned and made the team! Every performance was the best day ever, being in Russia was the best day ever, (sorry I was not always in the best mood ever), also... I should be having a new best day ever story soon... :) 

Rules are, I am suppose to tell you 11 other random things about me..
1. I am super sad to say that I haven't picked up my camera in months. This is not good.
2. I love to travel. I've been to Russia, Ireland, Scotland, France, England, Wales, Canada.
3. I am half Canadian, and sometimes when I go visit my family there I will start talking like them...
4. I once bought a scratch ticket and won 5 bucks! I then proceeded to buy 5 more and lost it all. It was encouraged by my brother.
5. I love watching movies and actually really love going to the theatre by myself... I also love to spell it theatre and not theater. 

6. I sometimes wish people dressed up to go to the movies, and actually get kind of sad or upset when people go to live productions and do not dress up.
7. I love to reorganize my purse. All.The.Time. 
8. My boyfriend and I have made a goal to kiss in every state. So far we have Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. 
9. It seems to be that whenever I buy a new pair of jeans I can only wear them and I wonder how I lived life without them and what did I wear before my life with them?
10. I love to drink tea.

11. I just got a new computer and I am loving it! So much faster than my old one... and beautiful. 

Questions I am asking:
1. What is something you well tell the teenage you if you could send her a message?
2. Where do you want to travel to?

3. Favorite band/musician?
4. Do you remember a time before cell phones, and do you wish life was like that again?
5. What is your fear of being a parent?
6. Why is your best friend your best friend?
7. Do you remember your junior high school crushes?
8. Favorite fragrance for a man?
9. Best gift you ever gave/received?
10. Are you satisfied with how your life has turned out?/how did you think life would be for you now when you were 15?
11. What is your favorite memory of me?

Who I would like to answer...
MadamBadass III


And of course any of you other readers! just leave me a note saying you answered!

Monday, February 06, 2012

Tales of Boyfriends Past

I recently read my friend's blog, who had read her friend's blog, and I decided to be a double copy cat. It is an intriguing idea! (to me at least...)  When I went to BYU-Idaho and worked at the testing center I often thought, who could I see come in through those doors and just start screaming out of excitement? I thought of my love from 3rd grade, Jonathan Cockran (whose name I think is spelled that way... but no way to know, as he moved in the middle of the school year before class photos) and I think that was about it. Ha! But I also often think, nowadays, how it could be really awkward to run into an ex. I remember one of my friend's mom's saying she had run into an ex boyfriend, I think he was a dentist or something... I really do not recall. But think about it, you're in your mid forty's and run into an ex, will you be ashamed or something you said, or didn't say? So, this all goes on in my head in a matter of three seconds and now I will babble about boyfriend's of the past!

A- Oh high school love... I remember we started dating the weekend after I was super lonely and decided to really focus on schoolwork and getting really good grades because for some reason I didn't have friends at my high school. But you rode in on AIM (AOL instant messenger) and changed my mind. You went to a different high school and that was okay. We dated too long, it is true. But you were fun and helped me to be a little bit more social, for sure how to be silly.

B- What else can I say other than I was barely 19 and you were 28?! It was a summer romance... or something. When we sat in the park that one day and you said you were dating me and another girl and deciding between the two of us, I should have told you to go for her, not me. I think I knew from that mid-afternoon in your parking lot where people were washing their cars and you tried to kiss me that I wasn't interested. You did applaud me on being considerate when you would open my door for me and I would lean over to unlock your door. I also remember when I can home from school one day and saw flowers on the couch through the window and my heart sank and I felt ill thinking, oh crap I bet those are for me. I think that even though I realized when you came to visit me when I went home to visit my family that I was still in love with A and never even gave you a chance and really was not interested in you at all... but it was good for me, to learn that about myself and have that experience. I am sorry you thought it was because you have depression... it had a lot to do with the fact that you were 28 and were so ready to get married that you didn't care whom to, and you would have married me who wasn't a good match for you. I think I saw on facebook that you're married and have a few kids now, I'm glad things finally worked out for you. Maybe that girl enjoyed your angel in the snow analogy. (For the record my roommates that fall had a big chuckle about that.. sorry!)

A- repeat. It was because I realized I was still obsessed with you while dating B. This time our relationship really was a bad idea. I became very sad and angry, not to mention jealous...and you were not honest with me.

D- Oh D... how I thought you were so amazing (though not at dancing, I didn't close my eyes to that... sorry) and I thought I could change you--make you want me.You used me and I let you... though at this point I didn't realize guys could be such jerks, so heartless and abusive. You were good to help keep my mind off of A, that was good for me for sure. You were very vain and self absorbed, but I heard you got married and if we ever ran into each other, I think it would be okay.

C- Yikes. This was traumatic for me for sure. I thought for sure after my past two relationships that you knew about, you were an actual decent man... You told me you weren't but I didn't believe ya. You are probably still the one person I hope never to see again because after you broke up with me and I saw you from across the street like a month or two later... my blood actually boiled and I was literally shaking. I have never had that reaction to someone and I never want to again. I do want to apologize for telling you I was thinking about making a voodoo doll of you one time... but I was honestly in a real bad way after what you did to me. I cried for a week. Cried myself to sleep, cried in class, on the way to class, in church... what a great way to start a semester!

J- Wish I hadn't fallen for you, and to be honest... I am not even sure why I did. You are a great guy, but on some level I always knew it would never work and that we were only friends. This is why it made my two week depression so strange... this was the first time I could not eat after a breakup. Cried for two weeks. But I think that's because you asked me to be in your prep for eternal marriage class... totally messing with my mind. Oh well, if we ever saw each other I think we would give one another a high five and be just fine.

R- You were a childhood dream come true... and I think that's the only reason I actually dated you. Sorry if you thought our breakup was out of no where... I knew I had been lying to myself about it all along. You are a good guy, but so super awkward and socially inept--which you do to yourself. I hope that you can shake that some day cause you'll make a gal real happy one day if you can.

T- you are the one that haunts me lately. I feel really badly for how I treated you... and sometimes I really want to text you and say hi. We were always such good friends, and when you came over--upset, and proclaimed your love for me... I was caught way off guard and knew I didn't have time to be a decent girlfriend... but in the end I made up excuses and wasn't even a decent friend, as I haven't talked to you since. I honestly do feel so terribly bad about it and wish there were an un-awkward way to talk to you... but I don't think the damage can be reversed. You were afraid that if I got accepted to grad school that I'd move away and meet someone... I doubted you but also knew I did not want to try a long distance relationship. I am honestly so sorry and wish there were ever a way to apologize.

H. (not a past boyfriend but the current one) You are so incredible. You make it worth what I've been through. You make me so thankful it didn't work out with anyone else and make me see why it never worked out... You are so understanding and kind and loving. I do not know how you can be so calm when I get so super crazy and neurotic, but you diffuse that and help me to be sane. Sometimes I don't know how we work, we are so opposite... yet so so so the same! I love you and really hope this is a forever deal... cause if you break up with me I believe it would be at least a three week depression and I don't know if I wouldn't eat or if I would gain 50 pounds. Please don't break my heart... but know that you have be in a very vulnerable spot... as I have given you my heart... I trust you. I love you.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Healthy habit... or addiction?

So since I have moved to Utah, I got a library card. And I have been very impressed with the Salt Lake County Library system. They also have awesome sales...
Some of these books I had when I moved down here, like my travel copy of the Book of Mormon.

Extras (still only three chapters in... its the last book in a series so I need to finish it.

Anne of Green Gables. My mom is lending them to be, I think it would be a great series to read sometime.

The Birth Order Book. Still barely half way through it... I would really prefer a book just on middle children I suppose. Haha!

My mom bought me the Vanished series by Meg Cabot when Borders was going out of business.

Books that I got as Christmas presents:

The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, by C.S. Lewis from my dear friend Matty, who goes by the name of George.

Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister but George Maguire. I actually bought this for my sister but her sister in law also bought it for her, so I got to keep a copy!

The Last Letter from Your Lover by Jojo Moyes, from my mom. I saw a girl reading this in England on the train and made a note of it in my phone and it sounds super good!

Now... the rest are all books I have bought a few different Salt Lake County Library locations...

I have already read Odd Girl Out by Rachel Simmons. It is a psychology book and true story about aggression in girls. I thought this would be a great book to have in my library as a High School Counselor.

Two books in one: Somewhere Between Life and Death and Time to Let Go by Lauren McDaniel. These books are about cancer in girls and I remember reading these in third grade and this started my middle child syndrome need for attention and hidden desire to have cancer. TERRIBLE I know! But I thought I should buy it and relive those third grade moments and see how bad the books really are. haha...

Sweet Misfortune by Kevin Alan Milne. I have had some good fortunes from cookies in the past four months and the book is set near my home town near Seattle... and it looked funny!

House of Dance by Beth Kephart. Because I love dancing...

Russian Winter by Daphne Kalotay because I love Russia! And it is about a ballerina who is selling all of her jewelry...

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. It seemed like a book similar to Odd Girl Out, about a girl in high school whose best friend suddenly hates her (I can relate)

College Girl by Patricia Weitz. I got confused and thought it was written by the same person who wrote Juno, but really they reviewed it... ah well. I needed to use my debit card but was under the limit and it looked alright so I went for it.

Waltzing To A Different Strummer by Tom Plummer. Same story, needed to get up to $3.00 to use my debit card... and it talked about dance so... haha it seems like it might be an alright pop psychology type book.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman. About a girl who is between life and death, the back says it is "Simultaneously tragic and hopeful" which is right up my alley. haha

The I got three books by Jodi Picoult, Second Glance, Salem Falls, and The Pact. The first two I just grabbed cause I mostly like Jodi's work and would probably enjoy those novels as well... and the Pact I have been debating whether or not to buy on my Kindle for a long time cause it looks really good and now I have it!

So for all of those books (12) they cost me a grand total of $5.50!

Absurd. But... I have text books I am suppose to read instead of all of these... what is up with that?!

Thursday, January 12, 2012


So with the new year, I am trying to do things that make me happy. As an unofficial kind of resolution. I think it is also the philosophy I have tried to live my life with... but even more so this year!

Let's start with a confession then, eh?

I love Mandy Moore! I sometimes wish I could be her. I wanted to dress up as Rapunzel for Halloween but didn't end up having a time to for work and wasn't feeling well on Halloween. (So that's another goal, dress up for halloween!) But I also realized I kind of am her... I just rented her new movie from redbox, called Love, Marriage, Happiness. she is a Psychologist in the movie. I am a psychologist! I love her style and makeup.

Moving on. To another confession.
I think I have a crush on Tim Allen?! Is this real? Well.. I am totally loving his new show Last Man Standing. I ADORE his relationship with his Wife and want that kind of marriage! I think it is very similar to Home Improvement, but with girls, but doesn't matter. I love it. So there.

Last confession...
I am in love with Just Dance for the WII. I played it over Christmas Break and once I got back home I bought it. I couldn't even wait. I had to have it! Such a fun way to work out. I must admit, since I am confessing... that I get really into it and kind of really pissed when I don't always have the highest score... I think the wiimotes are to blame or my positioning to the wii control box. Other than that, its always smiles and giggles and fun times! (Haha...)

Now. Onto what I need to decide.

I LOVE dancing. (Sounds like this is a post of things I love, no?)
Well. I was informed that there is a dance team I can audition for that meets in SLC MWF from 7-9AM for the Advanced Team and MW 8-10 PM.
And since I have been dancing ballroom for 11/12 years... lets just say I would be pretty upset if I didn't make the advanced team.

That being said... My work week is Monday through Thursday, 9 AM to 4 PM

Another thing to be noted. My car is a blazer. and getting old. So, it is kind of a gas guzzler. And I live half an hour away from work, school, and my boyfriend. And the drive to Salt Lake for dance would be closer to 45 min/ an hour... then half an hour to work. And I would be close to an hour late for work.

And the question is, is it worth it?

I am fairly certain I am going to the tryouts, but as to what team I make might help me decide what to do... but then again also complicates my decision!

What do I do?
How do I get a new car and lots more money? haha...