Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dessert Pins I've Tried

Dessert Pins I've tried (Since you are all wondering I'm sure...)

Holy Mother of Chocolate Cake (with hot coco instead of coffee, made too long ago to remember... need to make again!)
Insanely Chocolate Chocolate Cake (which I have renamed Snickerdoodle Cake [FAVORITE!])
Give Them What They Want Double Fudge Cake (I liked the pepper in here and that's why I wanted to try it. It ends up being very fudgy which I realize is in the title... but I wasn't expecting.)

I liked this fruit dip, it was light and peanut buttery enough, but I think I added some more powdered sugar to bump up the flavor a little more.

I love Snicker Salad! I also like to add more things... like Rolo's and Milky Ways.

Slutty Brownies... These are decadent! Super good though... I made everything by scratch so it took forever and I kind of wished I had had box mixes to speed up the time spent making these.

I liked these, but for me the flavor wasn't there. Maybe if I added some vanilla extract? I don't know. My aunt and Husband both thought they could taste the cake batter... but I wanted more! I think the sprinkles are fun, but I would add them after you have poured the rice krispies out and then pat the sprinkles on top.

This pumpkin dip is a great thing for fall! I'd maybe also add some caramel on top!

I made this recipe! And love the cookies!

I made these with Dr Pepper and enjoyed them, they are more porous than dense which is more typical for brownies.

Source: flickr.com via Dawn on Pinterest

I loved making my own marshmallows! They are messy and I don't know how someone would use a cookie cutter and get them to come out so well... but I loved it! They are SOO fluffy!

I made some form of these bacon chocolate chip cookies. They weren't bad. I would forget they had bacon until I bit into a chocolate chip and it was chewy.

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