Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So I went to DSW to kill some time while my dog was getting groomed... and here is what I found. I didn't buy anything... but that I took note of some birthday present ideas!!

I've been wanting a grey shoe, and I LOVE my rocketdog flats in multicolor, so I instantly fell in love with these ones.

Size 8 for anyone who is interested ;)

But then I was also sorta liking these...

but at the same time... I don't know if I want a grey heel...

As for red heels to go with my seafoam dress and all black dresses,

in a 7.5 please!

Also, I have been really wanted a multi-colored heel. I haven't found anything so far, and nothing to even say, ooh something like that. so... that search is on.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dang you Target! You win again...

I went to Target the other day to pick up the new Covergirl shadow blast! I got the bronze fire smokey eye one, love it so far!Well, I didn't actually buy that when I went to Target, they were out.
But I did buy this dress that I am in love with.
I think I want red accessories for it, everyone remember I love sea foam green and red together?!

I also bought this top, but I am still unsure. What are your thoughts? PS- I know my mirror needs cleaned.

I did buy another shirt too. haha I will post that later!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Well I finally cleaned my room... though not as intensely as I had wanted... and it took me a few weeks. Hahaha

Well, I wanted to show you all one of my new favorite dresses... really just another great dress from the Canadian store Le Chateau. I LOVE their dresses.