Saturday, November 08, 2014


One of the blogs I read is a book review type of blog.

I love to read, and saw a new post and that she had read a book called Landline. Her review sounded intriguing, so I checked it out from the library.

Oh my goodness! This book made me feel so many emotions!

First off, the book is about a woman who has a career and a family, and she is the one who works outside of the home. She has two kids and a husband who is a great cook. Unfortunately, she chooses her career over the family. Her husband takes the girls his parent's for Christmas. She can't ever get a hold of him, and finally calls him from her mother's landline. In doing so, she reaches her husband...but in the past. During a time they were still dating. (The Story Girls' review is much better than mine)

There was something about this book that just made me hug Harrison tighter each night. She didn't treat her husband the best all the time, she had a lot of doubts. But my goodness, it made me want to treasure my time with Harrison that much more, tell him how incredible he is that much more, and just hold his hand or hug him that much more.

Be warned, there is quite a bit of swearing in the book, but if you are as curious about how this book made me cherish my husband more, or more simply understand what it would be like to call your husband and reach a version of him from when you were dating, give this book a chance.

There was one night whilst reading I leaned over to Harrison and asked if he could talk to a his past self, if he would give himself any advice regarding me... and that's really a post for a different time!