Thursday, January 01, 2015

The Goals of 2014 in Review

Last year I wrote down all of my goals on sticky notes and placed them on my fridge.

Save $ for car (200/month) and Buy a new car: We did not do super well at actually physically setting the money aside, but we were able to pay for the car with some cash we had saved up! I still love my Honda Fit quite a bit, and we have taken "Fitzy" from 17 miles to 9,300 and we have used her in many different ways, particularly for my "back to school" shopping trips for work, hauling wedding decor around, and vacation!

Eat more vegetables: I have to admit, this was a sad goal to make.. mainly because I had written in under that goal by saying (once a day?) haha! Well, I am sure there were some days I did go vegetable-less, but in the summer time Harrison and I were really good about packing little bags of carrots, celery, and tomatoes. (that's 3 vegetables in one day!!)

Send more mail--birthday cards, thank you notes, etc: I did not do very well at this one... I think I sent out like 5 birthday cards.

Take notes in church: failed. Maybe I did this twice. Counting Conference. ;)

Journal? Yeah. I took my conference notes in my journal and that about wraps that one up...

Make Russian Photo book: another fail, I did start going through all of my photographs to try to decide which ones to use, but that is as far as I got.

Recipe book: This is something I had kept secret all year in hopes that I would make it as a gift to give out at Christmas, but another fail. It was hard getting my family to give me the recipes I was looking for and also hard to find the time to make the meal, photograph it in an awesome way, etc.

Eat out once a week (2 times for Harrison): This didn't work too well..

Go to Grocery Store once every two weeks: I think I did okay with this one, it helped when we got a Costco card, but when we were trying to eat more vegetables it would sometimes go awry. I did find a little system that I enjoyed. We would look through our cookbooks and find one or two new recipes to try, write down the ingredients on a sticky note, we would also write up a few of our favorite or go to recipes and put all the sticky notes on the fridge. Then we would shop and have all of those ingredients on hand, so while I had two weeks of meals planned, we could decide which day we wanted to do which meal. I would then move the sticky note to a paperclip magnet, showing that it is no longer an option to make.

Work out 2.5 hours a week: Yeah....

Temple once a month: We were fairly good with this one, I think we got a 10/12.

Blog 4 times a month: This was mainly for my music blog... but still, did not happen. I find it hard to continue to write or review the music when I don't have anyone commenting on the posts.

Clean house once a week: My place has never gotten out of hand... but I did not consciously clean each week.

Read and Pray daily: not perfect at this one yet...

Graduate in May: DONE!

Vacation Goals for 2014
Tuachan for anniversary: We went and saw the Little Mermaid, not quite as an anniversary get-a-way, but Harrison's family came down and we all went!

Camping with Aubrey and Shane: We were able to go camping with my parents at a family reunion, but my sister and brother-in-law were unable to make the trip.

Visit Rachel in Arizona: This goal ended up with Rachel visiting me in Utah! We did 27 things for her birthday and it was a full day of fun!

Washington?: Seriously, sometimes my goals are questions but I understand it exactly. Haha! We did go to Washington for Christmas and Harrison's brother's wedding, success!

Disney- Halloween or Christmas? Well, we didn't complete the holiday portion of the goal, but we did go to DisneyWorld for a week as my graduation/birthday present and!

Overall I think I succeeded on 10 out of  20. 50% isn't too bad!