Thursday, January 24, 2013


I am too tired.

I work every other day, and on the days in between I now work for free accruing hours for my practicum.

I am enjoying it, but I am also so tired.

All I want to do is sleep...
but that's not too beneficial when I want to work out or do my homework or be a good wife.

Sorry for the sad and tired post.

PS, I am sad that no one comments on my new blog. but maybe it was too weird of an idea anyway.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Jenni's Playlist

Whelp... I've gone and made a new blog to use for my music reviews... maybe this step means I will actually go through with it and be consistent!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Goals?

Well I think this is going to be a busy year. Last year I wrote 15 posts.

One about 20 books I had on my bedside table... (I should review books again?) I have read two of them. The Pact and Speak.  In my defense, it was a very busy year, I had a lot of reading to do for school... and I'm lame. I did read a book by Mindy Kaling, Kelly from the Office and I LOVED it! It's called "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" and It was hysterical. I've also become a huge fan of her tv show, The Mindy Project.

So far some goals I'd like to work on are:
         Blogging More than 15 times.
         Reading more than two of those books... and writing reviews?
         Watching The Mindy Project Blogging about TV shows I like?
         Get my stinking Thank You cards written and mailed...
         Stick to an InstaGram photo challenge...
         Change my last name (License, Passport?, Bank, Credit, School)
         Something with Debt--keep it to a minimum, not use my credit card... something.
         Genealogy goal--find out who my grandfather's parents are

I have a semi goal in mind, where I appreciate what I have more, and use what I have before I buy new things. This second part is in relation to shampoo and body wash... clothing and food.

I've been thinking about the first part, appreciating what I have in a musical sense, where I go through all of my music on my computer and listen to it a CD at a time and give it a kind of review, or back story as to why it is in my musical collection and what of it stays or goes.

I also have a health and fitness goal (who doesn't eh?) through BYU and our Insurance, we could get $200 bucks for doing it, so why not!

I can't decide if I want a goal in each of these main areas or not: Career, Physical, Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Financial, Intellectual, Environmental.

I guess it seems easy enough to have goals in those...

Career: To move up to an Assistant, become Med trained. Also, to complete my Practicum and Internship and make connections in a career setting,
Physical: Participate and complete the BYU Wellness 2013 challenges
Spiritual: Read scriptures, prepare lessons for the sunbeams and not just on Sunday...
Social: Answer my phone when people call, go out and do things with other couples... host a few dinners/game nights?
Financial: debt free/stay in my budget
Intellectual: attend grad school for three more semesters, focus more IN class...

Any suggestions on what other goals I should have?

January 2012 Confessions Update/Year in Review

So I know that I want to do a few things differently in 2013. But I wondered what I had said I wanted to do in 2012... and silly me, I thought I might have blogged about it!

"Nicki Minaj"
I did look at last years post, it was about confessions.

Up! Themed for a Trunk or Treat
A confession of love for Mandy Moore (still strong, now I follow her on Twitter)

    I said I wanted to dress up for Halloween... I only wore a wig and false eye lashes... but I did decorate my car!  

My crush on Tim Allen, and for Last Man Standing... I still like him and his relationship with his wife, and I would love the show still if they hadn't changed the first daughter and her son. I think the changes were too drastic and unnecessary and the show has lost some of its charm because of that.

Do I still love Just dance? Yes... but I don't have a way to play it, and no one ever wanted to play with me.

I did decide to try out for the dance team and I did make the "advanced" team! I was happy and in the end I had a Foxtrot Solo!

In other news, I remember writing in my actual journal this time last year, and I recapped what I had done in 2011 that was memorable. (Maybe I should post that here too...?)

But, lets focus now on Memorable Moments of 2012.

January: I had a new years eve Kiss! And I slightly made a goal to have that same kiss with the same man the next year (Check!)
               I tried out and made the University of Utah's Ballroom Team

February: I think this is when Harrison and I decided we would get married...
                 We went to a Brian Regan show

March:   I got a new job working at a Residential Treatment Center
               I got engaged! March 14th (pi day. I think in the future we should celebrate this occasion with Pie, even though after we had our Horse and Carriage ride we went to Inn and Out.)
April:  Dance showcase?  Finish another Semester of Grad school!

May: Harrison and I take a road trip to visit his friend who had a kidney transplant.
          On this road trip I try on Wedding Dresses for the first time!
          Take Engagement Photos

June: I find my wedding dress


August: Finish another semester of Grad school
              Harrison graduates from BYU
              Road trip to Washington...
              GET MARRIED!
              Go to Disneyland (Unintentionally walk 8 miles to and from Disney each day from our hotel, not to mention all of the miles walked IN disney... But we were given so many "magical moments" that it rocked, and it was Disneyland without any children and we had a blast.)

Why do we look so freakishly Tan?
September: Harrison gets a job at BYUtv, I start back up in school
December: Complete my fourth semester of Grad School!
                   Fly back to Washington and spend Christmas with our families