Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 Goals?

Well I think this is going to be a busy year. Last year I wrote 15 posts.

One about 20 books I had on my bedside table... (I should review books again?) I have read two of them. The Pact and Speak.  In my defense, it was a very busy year, I had a lot of reading to do for school... and I'm lame. I did read a book by Mindy Kaling, Kelly from the Office and I LOVED it! It's called "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" and It was hysterical. I've also become a huge fan of her tv show, The Mindy Project.

So far some goals I'd like to work on are:
         Blogging More than 15 times.
         Reading more than two of those books... and writing reviews?
         Watching The Mindy Project Blogging about TV shows I like?
         Get my stinking Thank You cards written and mailed...
         Stick to an InstaGram photo challenge...
         Change my last name (License, Passport?, Bank, Credit, School)
         Something with Debt--keep it to a minimum, not use my credit card... something.
         Genealogy goal--find out who my grandfather's parents are

I have a semi goal in mind, where I appreciate what I have more, and use what I have before I buy new things. This second part is in relation to shampoo and body wash... clothing and food.

I've been thinking about the first part, appreciating what I have in a musical sense, where I go through all of my music on my computer and listen to it a CD at a time and give it a kind of review, or back story as to why it is in my musical collection and what of it stays or goes.

I also have a health and fitness goal (who doesn't eh?) through BYU and our Insurance, we could get $200 bucks for doing it, so why not!

I can't decide if I want a goal in each of these main areas or not: Career, Physical, Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Financial, Intellectual, Environmental.

I guess it seems easy enough to have goals in those...

Career: To move up to an Assistant, become Med trained. Also, to complete my Practicum and Internship and make connections in a career setting,
Physical: Participate and complete the BYU Wellness 2013 challenges
Spiritual: Read scriptures, prepare lessons for the sunbeams and not just on Sunday...
Social: Answer my phone when people call, go out and do things with other couples... host a few dinners/game nights?
Financial: debt free/stay in my budget
Intellectual: attend grad school for three more semesters, focus more IN class...

Any suggestions on what other goals I should have?


Lori Collier said...

Visit your in-laws more often? That would be an awesome goal!!

Ellen Davenport said...

I LOVE this! Such a rounded approach to a new year. Thats what I love about you Jenni, I find myself nodding along with everything you say. Well except maybe the stuff about Hansen. I especially like the goal of more blog posts, I love me some Jenni Blergs.

I laughed to myself, well maybe just blew more air through my nose than usual, about resolving to answer your phone when people call, yeah, I get that. I resolve to support your social goal by having you to our place for a visit whenever you should desire, as long as we're here ya know.

Ellen Davenport said...

In addition, you HAVE to do a instagram challenge. I'd love that! that is all.