Saturday, May 19, 2012

In Time Out

Engagement Photo Shoot Take 1

So last week on Mother's day Harrison and I were able to do a whole video conference thing with his family as they talked to his brother Zach Collier (look him up on iTunes) who is on a mission for the LDS church. As we are all chatting, his family kept forgetting we were watching via the iPad and kept turning us toward the ceiling. We took this time to start kissing cause hey, they can't see us. 

All of a sudden we hear, Hey! Cut it out! You two are in time out!!!

Turns out they could see us cause our camera hadn't moved... we just couldn't see them.  Oops! It was fun, and especially nice to have gotten this note in the email Elder Zach Collier sent the next day....
"I think Jenni is a perfect fit for our family. I'm glad Harrison found her. They look so happy together. I didn't mind the kissing haha I figured he deserved it. =) I was just giving them a hard time. I loved how Dad kept putting them in time out. Hahahah!"

 I use this story to preface the next picture... if you are squeamish or easily disturbed by kissing photos... that was your warning!
More photos to come, these were from a pre-engagement photo shoot. Do you know how difficult it is to have your engagements done? Oy...

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