Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flower Boy

So, as I mentioned, I got asked out and went on a date where we rode bikes and ate thai and went to a concert. When he asked me out, was after Sunday School right before Relief Society and my face when bright red. I was wearing this outfit though... so I can't blame him. ;)

Well, after that I was going back to EFY and he said, maybe I'll write you a letter and I was shocked and said that would be amazing...

turns out he one upped himself... and sent flowers. A dozen red roses.... I was overwhelmed! I actually burst into tears when I saw it. A little bit because I wanted them to be from the merecat.
I think that since I had kissed the merecat, my emotions were definitely more there than anywhere else. But I was flattered and they were beautiful and he wrote a cute letter with them, saying he had taken a fancy to me and that he hoped this gesture wasn't too much but that it showed he was thinking of me.

Well, backpack now refers to flowerboy as , the one who is super in love with you. Flowers doesn't know about the merecat.

Do I date them both and see who wins? Well Flowers is moving back to provo soon.
Merecat is moving back to rexburg.

Whist typing this flowers just asked me out for tomorrow night... but through texting... kind of lame...

I need to be more open minded and give him a chance

...but I want it to be merecat!

what is it about the chase that is so desirable?

1 comment:

Ellen Davenport said...

Sassy come hither outfit indeed! haha
Its okay to want it to be Merecat. I don't know what you're gonna do?