Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Missing Creativity

My life is awesome, I love being married and my husband is simply my best friend and treats me so incredibly well.

I just finished my last traditional class for Graduate School, and I just have 600 clock hours to do for my internship, take a big scary test (that costs $115, blech!) and I will graduate with my masters and have my license!

I worked my way up to an Assistant Supervisor position at work (which I have to cut back on so I can make my hours for the internship...)

We just moved into a new apartment that we LOVE. It has Air Conditioning, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer (all appliances our last place did not have), vaulted ceilings, an extra bedroom, and tons of storage space. It is in a great ward with some of Harrison's college roommates, we feel so welcomed, which is a vast improvement from our last ward where someone once told my husband that due to where we were living they were not going to try to be friends with us because we would be moving soon.

But, that aside... I miss being creative. I really miss choreographing dance routines and walking around and taking photographs.  I miss having a desire to write in my music blog (though I think if people commented in it I would write more)

I think being out of school will help give me more time to be creative, though not being on a dance team or having one to coach will make that aspect a little harder...

What are some of your secrets on getting your creativity back?


Ellen Davenport said...

Jenni! I am so glad that your move went well, yay for being in a better place, it can make such a difference. Yay for being out of school, for the most part! I know you are always super busy and it pays off! My secret for creativity, just taking tons and tons of photos! And you've got this gift of an artsy eye. Do the instagram challenge and try to take awesome pics of small inspiring parts of your everyday life and share them everyday! And you can crochet amazing things, I'm so jealous of that, I never can get it down. You could ya know crochet something for say, a friends baby due in december? Squeezing in time to crochet or edit photos while unwinding in the evening after dinner while watching a show or at one of Harrison's games could be good. I've felt this way before, wanting to be creative, but having been a while and not in the swing of it. Anyway, I love you! Miss you!

Sarah and Jordan Wagner said...

I can relate. Something that has helped me feel more creative lately is that Kristin and I get together with some other ladies in our area once a week for what we call "project day." We decide on a craft, or skill, or recipe to work on and spend the afternoon working on it and visiting. I wish we lived closer and could do it together! But, I'm thinking if you just set aside weekly time to work on a favorite pin every week, you will start to feel the juices flowing again. :) Good luck! And shame on people for missing the opportunity to be friends with you! I hate the awkward period between moving somewhere new and making new friends.