Saturday, September 24, 2011

Things to do in 2011

I was pretending to do homework which equals updating my ipod, cleaning up my computer desktop and files... watching youtube and checking facebook a million times... Anywho, I found this document! Entitles, things to do in 2011.

Things to do in 2011

Apply for Grad School
Take GRE
            Roswell NM

A short list, but I feel quite accomplished!! I took the GRE, I applied to two different Grad Schools and got accepted to one (Go Aggies!!) And  I traveled to Europe ( Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, France, a plane change in Iceland) I also traveled to Canada and Arizona!

Now, to fit in Roswell by the end of the year... maybe... :)

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Kristina Clemens said...

What a fabulous idea...and what a great list you have! How exciting to visit all those places. Now, off to make a list of my own! =)
Kristina J.