Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I had a GREAT weekend! I read on facebook that one of my old college friends who lives in California was coming up for a dance conference this weekend, so I decided I needed to go and visit her.
It was the Seattle Easter Swing so I went on Thursday night for social dancing.
It was fantastic! But, I use to think I was a great dance, and a good dancer in West Coast. But... turns out I don't know anything about West Coast Swing! It is totally different than ballroom west coast, and both are great but true West Coast is super fun and swanky. So I have been working on that.
I couldn't get into any other of the events because the whole thing was booked, so I decided to volunteer.
I went on Sunday to check wristbands for the award ceremony and right before that was the professional jack and jill competition which BENJI SCHWIMMER WAS IN! I hadn't even realized or thought that he might be there... but I have loved him since SYTYCD and I voted for him for HOURS!! My roommate Tiffany and I would sit on the couch with our cell phone and the apartment phone and vote and vote and vote...

So after that was over everyone cleared out of the ballroom to clean up before the social dance started and I got up the guts to go over and ask Benji for a picture with him.
And I did and he was super polite and was talking to someone before me and noticed I was waiting and then we started chatting and he noticed my BYU-I dance shoe bag and we talked about being LDS and going to church and easter and teaching/choreographing for BYU and I told him if I was ever asked to choreograph for BYU that I would call him up and invite him. We had a good laugh and he is a really nice guy and I still love him! haha
So, here's our engagement photo, no big deal....


Summer said...

How exciting! That is a super cute pic too!

Mallory said...

I have an IN with him and yet you meet him first.... well you ARE the dancer. :)