Thursday, May 27, 2010

DSW Spoils = Spoiled Jenni

Madden Girl red pumps: $20?

Rocket Dog Summer Sneakers: $12.00

Report Tan Heel : $16
I first saw these and said, cool shoe but I think I have told my mom she should never wear anything like it but man this ambient music is getting to me and I think I must try them on Oh my goodness they feel like butter and make my feet look tiny! Eeek they are 50 bucks, I will think about it and if they are here next time I will get them.
Next time I show my mom and she is indifferent.
Then I decide, what they hay... they are 50% off clearance, Turns out they were 75% off! Woo!

1 comment:

Ellen Davenport said...

I totally need something like the summer sneakers. Awesome as always Jenni dear.