Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ellen did this cute little quiz? Survey? Get to know you? thing. And I copied it from her and enjoyed it!
2 names you go by:

Jen - Old roommates Trish and Katie always call me Jenn, kinda weird but I like it too!
Jenhopper - usually just my dad!

2 things you're wearing right now:
Ballroom baseball t, I know... how conflicting!
And Ballroom sweatpants.

2 things you want very badly right now:
Twilight movie to come out
A Boyfriend/husband...

2 favorite pets you've had:
PJ my scruffy, tomboy, half cat, dog.
Jay, my fatty albindo ferret!

2 things you did last night:
Walked a mile on the track in the freezing cold
Wrote a paper on things I could improve in my life.

2 things you ate today:
Ha! I wish I only ate two things today... just kidding. I love food.
I ate a boston cream pie yogurt, and a smoothie David made for me.

2 people you talked to last:
Ellen-through messenger
David-in person
2 things you plan to do today:
Research wedding traditions in different cultures
finish reading Bridget Jones's Diary (pretty funny so far... I wasn't sure I'd like it, but after reading a book called Romantically Challenged {story of my life} I was game for any book, and since having no boyfriend, I have more time to read.)

2 longest trips you've taken in the last 5 years:
Seattle to Rexburg 12hours, once it was like 15 due to snow.
Rexburg to San Diego I think it was 17 hours, but we stopped in Vegas on the way down, but not on the way back!
Soon to be, in 180 days I will be going to Russia!

2 favorite holidays:
Halloween and Thanksgiving!

2 favorite beverages:
Mountain Dew
Lemon Berry Hawaiian punch water flavor add-in thingy


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I came over from SITS as I'm a newbie too!

I just picked up Twilight today from Barnes and Noble. I figure if my good friend, who's a 7th grade English teacher said to me, "READ IT!!" I needed to pick it up!

Good to read your blog! Stop on by my little part of the internet anytime. : )

Summer said...

Don't be so eager for a hubby you up and marry the first guy who proposes.

Really though, have you considered asking Eli out? We thought he might be in denial about having a little somethin' for ya. *wink*