Thursday, December 18, 2008

Journal Jar

I came home from school in Rexburg aka IceBurg Idaho to get away from the cold! To be immersed in rain and the greenery... instead Rexburgian weather followed me. So, I am effectively snowed in, for I flew home, so I am car-less, and I live at the bottom of a hill which is covered in ice and snow. In this picture you can't really tell that its a very steep hill.. for I am taking a picture from the top looking down, but it is infact very steep, and very slick.

Anyway, so since I am snowed in, I decided to bust out the ol' journal jar. Filled with questions and ideas of what to write in your journal! So, I thought, why not invite everyone to be in on the fun?

What is the longest period of time you went without sleep? How did you feel? Why did you lose sleep?
Well, I was 14, and a cheerleader for my junior high. It was tradition, that for the Student vs Teacher basketball game that the cheerleaders have a sleep over, and no one sleeps... and at a ridiculous hour in the early early morning the cheerleaders go out and "kidnap" some guys, and dress them up as either, cheerleaders, or just in funny costumes. So, this is what we did. I believe we watched Bring It On, haha and we went out at 5 AM after we were all dressed up crazy, and kidnapped our guy friends. (This was a Friday, and so I had been awake for 24 hours at this point, having gotten up at 5:30 on Thursday for early morning seminary.)
I remember almost falling asleep so many times during English class, cause Friday was a reading day... and man it was tough to stay awake! Not to mention, that after the assembly there was a dance after school for which I had volunteered to sell pop at, during which I also found myself dozing off. Say the dance is over at 6, I finally get picked up, I get home, call my friends who wanted to do something later that night and I said, well sure just let me take a nap.. So this is about 7 oclock now, it had been 38 hours awake... next thing I know, it is 8 in the morning. My mom says my friends had classed back, and that she put me on the phone, that I woke up and talked to them. I have no recollection of this at all!! I asked my friends about it later, and they said I was slurring my words and was hard to understand but they just laughed.
Other than that, sometimes while at school I get little bouts of insomnia, where I will either not sleep, or sleep maybe three hours a night for possibly a whole week or more. I think that is caused from when I was 9-11 or even longer, when I would try to stay up all night, singing Gangster's Paradise and The whole Lion King soundtrack, but I'd always fall asleep around 2 am. And there was an occasion, where I actually probably stayed up even longer than 38 hours, but this time my body was energized the whole time... Well I take that back, I probably slept an hour or three in... 41 hours... I had gotten up Friday morning at 7, had work, school, a three hour dance practice, went out with some friends, watched a movie, stayed up talking/cuddling all night, Had a five hour long dance practice, did homework all day, and went to bed around midnight. And all without an energy drink!

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