Saturday, December 06, 2008

So for Thanksgiving I drove the 12 hours to Seattle, to be with family for the holiday. I didn't call any of my friends the whole time... I just hung out with Family. And a phone call today from my mom reminded me why I do that.

Pre-story: I love my nephews. I proclaim to dislike small children, but secretly I am a softee. Its more about me not wanting to have my own children yet, that when they cry or are stinky, I would prefer to hand them off to their mothers. I am not ready to be awoke 879,435 times a night to crying. So, when I was at home, I hung out with family the whole week. And I played a lot with my nephews, Dean 2 and Owen 6mo.
Dean and I had fun with making pies and eating pudding and licking all of the spoons clean when we were done.

That was so fun! Every day after I was tired or had plans with my brother or something, I would try to leave. Dean would say, "you go hoooome take naaaaaaaaaaap?" I would always say, yes! On Thanksgiving I told him I had to go home and he said, "no! staaaaaaaay!" I tried to calm his fears and let him know I would see him the next day, and he let up. "Tired? Take naaap? Dark out." (He would cover his eyes when he says dark. so cute.)

Well, then I came back to school. I miss the babies, cause they are too cute! Anyway, so my mom calls today. And this is where we get the story.


Mom texts me and says, the boys are coming over and I say yay! Send me pictures!

A few hours later she calls.

She says, sorry, I didn't get any pictrues but I have to tell you something that will make your heart cry.

I was kind of worried at first...

She starts. (See how I am building up this story? haha)

She says, I went to put Owie down for a nap, and he was fussy. So I left him alone for awhile and went back to check on him, leaving Dean alone. (This is where I was like, oh crap what has happened? did Owie fall off my bed? what could make my heart cry?)

She then goes on to say, Owen was finally asleep, and I went to see what Dean was doing and I saw him in the living room with a picture of you in his hands says, "Come home, come home"

At this point, not only was and is my heart crying... but I am too. That is so tender and awesome! Who knew kids could be so amazing? (and I want to boast and say, take that, I am the best or most favorite aunt!)(Our first picture together.)


Ellen Davenport said...

Jenni, that made me choke up even. So sweet.

Emily said...

Aw. So cute. Being an aunt is awesome :)

Summer said...

That is so precious!

Meagan said...

Ha ha ha!!! Not at the adorable post, but at that super fun picture at the bottom with your photo next to the baby! LOL! I loved're awesome! Your post was adorable...

Meagan said...

I realized that Haha ha wasn't the appropriate reaction, Ijust saw the picture first...that post was the most heart crying story! Wow, I teared up... That's so neat.