Sunday, February 01, 2009

1. I pretend to know more about cars and computers than I do to be more attractive to guys.
2. I abhor clocks that tick, and people who put them in their guest bedrooms. I hope to never own a clock that ticks, though I do think they look nice… just can’t stand the ticking, it irritates me and makes my heart race. I can’t think or concentrate when I hear one, and that’s one reason why I don’t wear watches anymore.
3. I can type very fast. I have never timed myself, nor have I ever taken a typing class. Sometimes my computer will beep at me and tell my I am typing too fast—I think it does that to warn you that someone is holding a button down or typing nonsense.
4. Also, I only type with four fingers, my two index and middle fingers is all. Sometimes an occasional left hand pinky. It all started with chicken pecking typing when I was 11 and started chatting online.
5. I was introduced to both Spice Girls and Hansen by my best friend in fifth grade—Bradley Johnson.
6. Bradley was my first kiss, at age 11. He was dating Janae and I was dating Andrew, and it was the summer going into 6th grade and we hung out every day because we lived a block away from one another. He would roller-blade over and we would cheat at monopoly against the younger neighbor kids, and we decided if Andrew or Janae tried to kiss us we would need to know how.
7. He and I started dating.
8. Brad and I broke up almost everyday… haha
9. I don’t know what he is up to anymore.
10. I love to be random—and my dream job is to be a stand up comedian or improve actress.
11. My favorite word to shout out at improve shows is “ANCHOVIES”. Why? Because no one expects it.
12. I am slightly stubborn. I don’t like to give up, but if someone is pressuring me or is too persistent in making sure I do something, I will not want to do it at all and be stubborn in that way.
13. I always seem to attract guys I am not interested in. I feel bad for feeling that way… but it’s the truth. I have thought about writing a book about it, though I feel that someone already has… (Romantically Challenged by Beth Orsoff, funny funny book!)
14. I once made a psychology joke in my journal, saying that my friend was going on a semi blind date, with a guy she had met a few months before, and that she was setting me up on a blind date with his friend, so when I wrote about that I said it was a “Double Blind” date, and I laughed for about ten minutes…
15. I often feel like I have an old man sense of humor.
16. Ten people have tagged me in this survey, and it has taken me that long to decide to do this.
17. I read a blog about cakes every day—
18. I secretly wish my parents had named me Rhandi, instead of Jennifer. Those were the two names they were deciding between.
19. Also, I secretly love that everyone quotes Forest Gump and calls me “Jen-nay”… though I am always super sarcastic and rude and say, oh wow that’s original.
20. I use to want my license plate to read “8675309” (from the 80’s song) or “JWO519”
21. I love that my initials are JWO, so I can be gangster.
22. I once got a second degree burn reading Twilight. Summer of 07, in Burley at the lake when I was suppose to be flirting with cute Croatians.
23. I have an insatiable sweet tooth. Honestly, I have heard about people eating too many sweets and not wanting to eat them anymore… that doesn’t happen to me. If the cheesecake I am eating is too rich, I will eat the whole thing, wait two minutes, drink some water, and wish I had more to eat.
24. I love Zach Braff, Leonardo Dicaprio (despite what people might say, he is a great actor), Topher Grace, and Patrick Dempsey. Also, Erik Von Detton. And Christopher Gorham. Give me nerdy sheik, and I am all yours baby! Also, I am attracted to older men. About three to five years older, and I’m melting like a grilled cheese sandwich.
25. I like to pretend that I am everyone’s favorite, that I am prideful about it, but honestly I am so humbled by anyone who likes me and am so surprised. I love to listen to people and learn from them.
26. I steal cute phrases people make up… like that one about melting like a grilled cheese sandwich—I got that from my friend David Baughman about 8 years ago.
27. I like to think that I brought certain styles back, like in 02 I wore a retro dress to prom, and the next year everyone was wearing retro dresses! Also, my mom made every single one of my dresses I wore to school dances, so at least 9 dresses…
28. I love music, and music that expresses emotions.
29. I love to make faces at little kids! Also, car flirting. One of my favorite things!
30. I am slightly an overachiever, I am sometimes too helpful, and I love to be clever, creative and…. Whatever else that other word is that I am looking for.


Ellen Davenport said...

Ah, what a refreshing dose of Jenni! I love it!

Ellen Davenport said...

...Also now I want cheesecake!