Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So yesterday I almost rolled my car... and here is that story.

I was taking my old roommate to Idaho Falls to get her phone fixed, as the only tech guys were in IF. So, it was lightly snowing earlier in the day, but by now it wasn't. We got off on HITT road and I was going under the speed limit cause there was snowdrift on the road, but I still happened to hit a patch of ice. It was a two lane road, and I saw another car coming up as I was veering towards it, and started fishtailing. I don't recall if I hit on the brakes ever, but I do believe I tried over correcting. thats when I spun around and hit into the "ice"bank, as any snow bank in Eastern Idaho becomes after a day. And the car felt like it was going to roll, but then stopped. It stopped short of hitting into a telephone pole, by about one foot. The front tire popped, or something... (see picture)

I sat in shock with Candace as the person I almost hit kept driving, and the person behind them pulled off and had called the cops for us, and checked to see if we were alright. A few minutes later this huge truck pulls up, and this man asked if he could pull us out, so we let him. I was driving on my rim to get into someones driveway so that we could wait for the cops and so that he could put my spare on for me. Such a sweet generous man! As we were waiting for him to flip around to pull us out, we see another truck pull up to see if they could help. At the same time, on the other side of the road someone had been following behind another car too closely, and had to pull into a snow bank to avoid rear ending them. The roads were terrible!

Anyway, I was getting to be overwhelmed by the graciousness of strangers stopping and offering whatever help they could.

This accident reminded me of one I had many years ago, when my dad was driving some of us youth home from a sledding activity, and we hit a patch of ice and we did roll. I was reading the Work and the Glory and it hit me in the head, giving me a bruise in my eyebrow, and hitting my dad on the head, for he was driving and I was in the passenger seat and I ended up in the air. Amy and Alix were in the back seat, Amy was wearing her seat belt... but Alix hadn't yet put hers on! So she was flying through the car! (lesson, wear your seat belt!) When we had gotten flipped back over, Amy kept yelling at my dad to slow down, he was barely going five miles an hour! I bet Candace wanted me to go faster, I was hardly going more than twenty the rest of the way. And, to go straight I had to have my steering wheel turned at least at a ninety degree angle to the left. I hated it!

I was lucky enough to have a friend randomly be in Idaho Falls at the same time, and I talked him into driving my car home so that I wouldn't have to, because I was not mentally stable at all to drive! I have already decided that I will never drive in the snow again, and I plan on waiting until my parents come up to see my dance show to let them help me deal with it, and take my demon car away!


Ellen Davenport said...

OH JENNI! I'm so glad you're okay. Come to Boise, the roads are great here, nice and dry! : )

Summer said...

Wow! I'm so glad you came through both accidents ok!