Sunday, June 01, 2014

Magic Kingdom Day 1 Part 1

We woke up early, like 6 AM, went to breakfast and had the most delicious parfaits! We also filled up on some Coke and went to wait for the buses. One of the best parts of staying at a Disney Resort Hotel has to be their buses. It was about a 15 minute ride to the park, and  boy were we so excited to see the entrance! We got there right as they were starting some sort of good morning park opening song which includes characters singing and welcoming you, then hopping on the train and some fireworks!

Our first stop was to grab a map, then the restrooms (my most visited attraction), obligatory Castle photos because right now there is no one around!! Then we were off to Peter Pan's Flight! Even though we got there early with magic hours, we waited about ten minutes for the ride. It was great though, something seemed a little different than the Disneyland ride, but it was still delightful.

I have a friend who "knows" Belle, so we then ventured over to Belle's cottage for Enchanted Tales with Belle. While this is an interactive attraction made for kids, it was really neat! You walk through the cottage, seeing all of these books laid out that Belle is reading. then you move into Maurice's workshop and you see plans for his inventions, different working inventions in the room and depending on who is talking to you, you get to hear lots of fun facts and tidbits like that Maurice had carved a spinning statue of Belle and Beast that is in the Beast's castle! You then experience some magic (I don't want to give it away because it was so awesome) and then you are able to walk in to part of the castle! So you're in a room with the Wardrobe and you begin to retell the story of Belle while some of you are chosen to help act it out! Harrison was asked to be a Valiant Suit of Armor. After that you're able to move into the Library where you get to tell the story to Belle while Lumiere helps, and afterwards you get to meet Belle and take a picture with her.

View of the Beast's Castle from the "Que" before you enter Belle's Cottage

Unfortunately, this was not Belle that my friend knows. So we decided we like it enough that we would go again and hope to see her later (after I sent her a message on facebook to find out her schedule).

   This was the kind of attraction that brought a lot of magic into our day and made us really excited!

We used one of our three Magic Band Fast Passes for Space Mountain, so we went towards that direction, getting pulled into the Barnstormer! A fun little roller coaster with Goofy. (I think it is MUCH better than Goofy's flight school in California Adventure though it can not be compared since it is so different, it was more like the roller coaster in toon town). Since we were not familiar with the park, we would look at the map, see what our fast passes were, and try to walk that way but usually we would get sidetracked.  Space Mountain was good, but so long! I was in the very front, and it was set up a little more like the Matterhorn sled than the Disneyland Space Mountain ride.
 We decided to go to the People Movers, for a nice relaxing tour of some of Tomorrow Land.

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