Monday, January 11, 2010

I've decided this picture a day thing is pretty awesome, and it is like a photo journal. And that is really nice because I haven't been able to consistently keep a journal in quite some time... so I have been enjoying this assignment! Every day I think, hmm what is going to be my picture today? Well, on Wednesday it was some of the kids I help teach dance to.

Here they are doing a Viennese Waltz, and this kid in the picture is flashing an I love you sign, but I don't think he does it intentionally! He just does the arm line and this happens to be his hand position! It could be worse...
Oh, also, I think he proposed to me, for after he gets off his mission.

On Thursday I had to be at work by 8, so when I went outside at 7:30 to drive to work, I saw how gorgeous the sky was and said, Yes I will take a picture of you.

Friday I had to work at 5 am.
I was driving and thought the car lights looked really cool and then when I got to work I really liked how the rain looked on the windshield and tried to capture that.

another driving in rainy conditions liking the way the lights looked...


Had to be at work at 5. Got in the car at 4:58. Yikes.

I made dinner! Very simple, so delicious.

I like to call them Sloppy Turks cause I like how risque it is. haha

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Ellen Davenport said...

You're welcome for your assignment. You are doing very well. And I love readin!