Sunday, January 17, 2010

On Friday I spent the day with my friend Devin...
He and I ran a few errands he wanted to get to since he lives in an extremely small town in Colorado, and needed to visit some specialty stores in Salt Lake...
First stop, lunch, we went to Bajios, delish.

Next stop... Lyon & Healy West. Before I go into more detail on what exactly kind of store this is, I must mention how artistic Devin is. He plays the drums, the guitar, he sings, etc. I had seen him at BYU-I in the guitars unplugged a few times, once as a drummer, once as a guitarist. Recently in our texting he mentioned how he had gotten into playing the cello... and when I met up with him on Friday he also confessed that he has started playing the harp!So, we go to Lyon & Healy West, in SLC which just so happens to be a historical site (a home of David O McKay if I remember right), and I was too nervous to take a picture cause as soon as we rang the door bell this lady unlocked the door and let us in... (but it was so cool, there were all these chairs set up on the porch... and I was going to get a picture of the plate that said when he lived there) and then I was too nervous to take pictures of the harps even though I had tons of amazing ideas on how to photograph them between the strings of another one... oy. Anyway, so the lady played three harps for us and Devin and I played a game to see which one we liked best, I liked the second one better because it had a more warm tone, but he liked the third best and I thought it had a more "tinkling" kind of noise, light and whatever, but he said it had a more full noise. Which is true... but I don't know much about harps or the noise they make.

So, after that we went to this art supply store so he could stock up on oil paints... he showed me a picture of one he had made for his parents... amazing! I thought that it was the photograph of which he based his painting off of... but no. It was indeed a picture of his painting.

After that we drove to a fish store... and anyone who knows Devin knows how much he loves fish... haha I had tried to get our double date for that night to be at the aquarium... but I was outnumbered. So he and I went to two different fish stores and got our own aquarium experience.

We then went and got some hot coco and looked at books! He researched some oil painting and I looked at some photography books, and then we looked at the dog dictionary!

Then we met up with Rachel and Randy for dinner at the Olive Garden:

I wish the waitress had taken it from the other angle or straight on, so that I didn't have a Devin head growing out of my head... But oh well.
After dinner we went to a movie, Surrogates. It was pretty good, but so warm in the theatre and I was getting real tired!

Saturday I had Brunch with Devin, and we attempted to go to an art museum... but it was closed because it was the weekend. Lame. So instead, he and I went to BMW to test drive a 5 series, then to Audi to test an A6... it was fun being in such fancy cars! Then he had to go hang out with his brother, so that was the end for us... I hung out at my grandparents house, had no mercy and beat my grandmother and cousin's wife at Ticket To Ride, and got to bed before 10:30!

Sunday, I slept in the car as much as possible for we left by 4 am... so this was my view for most of the day...

Looks like an airplane window, but no... it is the back window of the truck! I slept through Idaho entirely, and most of Oregon. I did really enjoy these clouds...

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Ellen Davenport said...

I love the "airplane" photo. I seriously had to do a double take, then had to read on to get it.